A bill to push the Pennsylvania primary to June 2 received the state legislature’s approval Wednesday. Gov. Tom Wolf had not signed it as of press time Wednesday but gave indications he will.

Adams County commissioners want more time.

During their meeting Wednesday, the commissioners unanimously passed a resolution urging the state to move the primary to June 23. The commissioners said more time is needed to replace poll workers who do not feel safe working due to the COVID-19 pandemic and possibly replace lost poll sites.

“We contacted our state representatives and explained to them what our challenges are,” Commissioner Chairman Randy Phiel said. “We still feel it isn’t quite long enough from the reports we are getting from our elections office.”

Phiel acknowledged it is not likely their plea will be successful but they felt it was necessary to advocate on behalf of the Adams County Office of Elections.

“We got consensus across the state from other commissioners as well,” Commissioner Jim Martin said.

Phiel said if the primary is not moved, he has faith the elections office will do what it takes to make a June 2 primary election work. He said the option to vote by mail will definitely help.

State law changed last year so anyone can vote by mail. Previously, absentee ballots were only available to people who were going to be out of town or physically unable to get to their polling place.

Voters can request mail-in ballots by calling Adams County Director of Elections Angie Crouse’s office at 717-337-9832 or emailing acrouse@adamscounty.us.

Applications for mail-in and absentee ballots can also be printed by visiting www.adamscounty.us. Under Administration, click Elections and Voter Registration, then Election Resources 2020.

Anyone interested in becoming a poll worker should call Crouse’s office at 717-337-9832, Martin said.

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