Tom Wilson


Party: Republican

Residence: Butler Township

Employment: Retired

Political Experience: Currently serving as an Upper Adams School District Elected Director

Community Involvement: UASD Board of Directors, Central PA Transit Authority Board of Directors, Mission of Mercy volunteer driver and Board of Directors member, Saint Francis Xavier Parish Council

What makes you the best candidate? Education is the foundation of our society. Without adequate funding, qualified teachers, modern and functioning structures and sufficient safety features we cannot continue to provide society with the education structure it needs. I have spent my current term as a board member, as well as Treasurer and President, studying what is good and what needs to improve in our schools. I can better assist the Board, Administration, parents, students and community at large with that experience.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? Without proper funding schools cannot provide the necessary 21st century education that future generations need and deserve. Everyone is keenly aware that property taxes continue to increase but few know that is a direct result of State funding decreasing over the last 25 years and other legislative actions. Many are in favor of school choice, e.g. charter schools and publicly chartered cyber charter schools, but few know that when a child is sent to those types of schools the local school district loses funding and gains a tuition bill from the charter school. That bill is paid almost exclusively with local taxpayer funds. The biggest issue facing are schools is fair and adequate funding. Funding is not a panacea that solves all other problems but when it is allowed to deteriorate over an extended period of time other problems become much harder to solve. We must decide if we believe in education, recognizing that it comes with an initial investment whose dividend is not paid for 15 years and like any investment if it isn’t made there will be no dividend.

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