Bernie Mazer


Party: Democrat

Residence: Mount Joy

Education: Master’s Degree, Systems Management, University of Southern California

Employment: Retired

Political Experience: As a retiree, after serving in the Federal Government and the U.S. Army, and no longer subject to political restrictions, I feel it is my responsibility to continue my civic commitment by running for office and giving voters a choice. Regardless, if I win or lose, it is essential for our democracy to have elections. Having worked or lived almost thirty years overseas, I know political engagement is vital to the life blood of any democracy. I believe in personal and social responsibility.

Community Experience: I am Chairperson of the Mount Joy Zoning Board, a quasi-judicial body. I also belong to several local and national historical organizations.

What makes you the best candidate? When I was working for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), I worked on infrastructure issues overseas like water, sanitation, roads, information communications technology, and power. Rural broadband is an issue everywhere. I also worked in economic growth, agriculture, education, democracy and post conflict reconstruction activities.

Recently at the yearly Adams Electric Cooperative dinner and meeting, it was good to hear talk about delivering broadband to rural areas. Previously for USAID, I worked on what was called the Last Mile Initiative and we had pilots delivering broadband over power lines, solar panel power, and low earth orbiting satellites to promote economic growth, telemedicine, and agricultural development in rural areas.

When I worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service, I became very much aware of the splintered landscape east of the Mississippi and the decline of open spaces and contiguous forest. While we have a great Fish and Game Commission here, we must be alert to having adequate streams stocked and hunting areas available.

I come from a family farm background and I can understand the issues challenging agriculture.

Mount Joy Township has dedicated supervisors and employees who are committed to making the township a wonderful and safe environment. As Chair of the Zoning Board, I am blessed to be able to work with conscientious and dedicated citizens whose only interest is serving the people. My only interest in running for office is to be another ear, and another voice for the people of Mount Joy.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? I seek to promote development where public water and sewage can be provided—primarily along 15/Baltimore Pike (St 97) interchange and see the interchange used for commercial and light use, while keeping the Pike corridor for mixed uses. I do seek another round of public input on whether there is a need to revise the plans for the Baltimore Pike Corridor that considers both residents and business owners. I want to encourage agricultural/resource conservation throughout the township. Development should be in cluster arrangements, like Lake Heritage and the Links, but keep as much open space as possible. Once the land is gone, it is gone.

I want to continue the protection of woodlands and the wetlands. It is important to protect our groundwater resources. I encourage the preservation of historic sites and want to help those not already enrolled to be part of barn preservation. Where the township can, I want to encourage farm sustainability. It is wonderful living in Adams County and being able to have so many farms to buy fresh products

I hope you will write in my name, Bernie Mazer, on the ballot so that I can apply my knowledge and experience to working hard for the residents of Mount Joy. The Board has wonderful talent. They are prudent stewards of the monies of the township. I will continue that careful regard.

I am running for Supervisor because I want to continue to represent your views, and your voice on the Board of Supervisors.

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