Getting to Know... Sarah Storms Kipp

Darryl Wheeler/Gettysburg TimesKipp


Lives: Gettysburg

From: Gambier, Ohio

Educated at: Wiggin Street Elementary. Also Oberlin College (BA) and the University of Pennsylvania (Master of City Planning)

Family: Parents in New Jersey, two brothers in New York (and one brand new nephew!)

Job: Land Conservation Coordinator for the Land Conservancy of Adams County

Job's reward: Knowing that I'm helping to make sure Adams County will always have beautiful countryside and farmland.

What I hate about my job: I honestly don't hate anything about it! (are you trying to get me fired??)

Very first job was: Mowing lawns with my twin brother. Obviously he was always to blame for any trampled flower beds.

Favorite food: Adams County peaches. Georgia's are SO overrated, right?!

Pets: I won't let myself get that Pudelpointer until I have kids. So for now I just talk to my houseplants.

Hero: Is a pretty good movie, but I liked "House of Flying Daggers" more

Hobbies: My new nephew inspired me to take up knitting again. Unfortunately the first hat I made him was WAY too small for his oversized noggin! He gets that from his dad.

Pet peeves: Hearing someone eat a banana. #gross

You collect: Swatches like it's still 1987

Best friend: My twin brother, Jesse

Would like to have witnessed what event in history: My parents meeting for the first time

Event that changed your life: I'm pretty sure it's going to be this.

Your scariest moment: Being born, probably

Your first memory: Shelling black-eyed peas with my grandparents in Oklahoma

Trait inherited from parents: From my dad - always running late. From my mom - getting anxious about running late.

Piece of advice that you live by:"Everything in moderation, including moderation."

Who needs a hug? Not the trees - I've got that covered.

Favorite reading/author: Rebecca Solnit. OK, I've basically only read "A Field Guide to Getting Lost," but it sure is good! Her others are on my list

Favorite spot on earth: 39 55'38.8"N 77 19'09.2"W (what a view!)

Website you visit most: just kidding! How about this one: (make sure your speakers are on)

Would like concert tickets to see: Wild Belle, but if you're including tickets on a time-travel machine, then I'd go to something more raucous - maybe the Clash.

One bad habit: My bleeping brother says I curse like a sailor

3 items on your bucket list: Drink a Westvleteren 12, go hang gliding, bike every road in Adams County (and beat Pat Naugle to it!)

Five minutes with: My grandmother who died when I was an infant

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? If I told you I would have to kill you.

What would make this world a better place? Charitably.

- By Alex J. Hayes, Times Managing Editor

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