Getting to know... Kristin Kay Largen

Largen (Jim Hale/Gettysburg Times)

Lives: Springs Avenue, Gettysburg

From: Denver, Colo.

Educated at: Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa; Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, Calif.

Family: husband John and our little Jack Russell Terrier Henry

Job: Interim Dean and associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Gettysburg Seminary

Job's reward: I love teaching - the students are so engaging; and I love research and writing - my work is primarily in interreligious dialogue, and I think it's illuminating and rewarding to put religions in conversation and learn from each other.

What I hate about my job: Nothing - they even let me take Henry to the office! (He has his own bed there.)

Very first job was: babysitting

Favorite food: Chocolate and spinach - but not together, of course!

Pets: I believe Henry already has been mentioned several times

Hero: Jimmy Carter - he has made a positive difference in the world in so many ways

Hobbies: running, reading, playing the harp and knitting. Oh, and I just got a dollhouse from a friend that I'm looking forward to working on - we still need to find the right place for it in the house.

Pet peeves: not saying "I'm sorry," and always seeing the worst side of situations/people

Collects: pop-up books - my husband gets me one every year for Christmas, and little glass animals.

Best friend: Kris Stuempfle - we walk almost every day and I can tell her anything!

You would like to have witnessed what event in history: The March on Washington and King's "I have a dream" speech

Event that changed your life: I'm adopted, so it would have to be that!

Trait inherited from parents: I got my happy heart from my mom, and my organizational skills from my dad

Piece of advice that you live by: I don't live by it as much as I should, but Martin Luther has a great explication of the 8th Commandment - Not bearing false witness. He says that it means you should always try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt and put the best construction on their actions.

Who needs a hug? Everyone! I'm a big fan of hugging.

Favorite reading/author: My favorite book of all time is "The Brothers Karamazov," but I just started reading a mystery series by Mari Jungstedt - the books all are set in Gotland, Sweden, and they're very good.

Favorite spot on earth: The Colorado Rockies - the mountains are beautiful beyond description

Website you visit most: The New York Times

Would like concert tickets to see: I'd see anyone on a clear night at Red Rocks Amphitheater outside Denver - it's the most spectacular venue for a concert.

One bad habit: I pick at my cuticles when I'm nervous

3 items on your bucket list: scuba diving, trekking in the Himalayas, learning Swedish

Five minutes with: Nelson Mandela

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? I'd like to learn more about constellations, and be better able to identify them. When I was younger I loved Greek mythology and lots of constellations have mythological connections.

What would people find surprising about you? This is only for people who don't know me, but I love action movies -it's my favorite film genre.

What would make this world a better place? More vegetarians! Really - I mean that: less consumption of meat (including fish) would go a long way to easing the environmental crisis we're in.

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like to share? Overall, the best news of the summer was the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage - that was fabulous! For me personally, it was an invitation to present a paper at a conference in Hong Kong in September - I can't wait to go there!

How would you like to be remembered? As someone who loved God and loved the world, and tried to live out of that love.

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