Getting to Know... Dennis R. Hickethier

Submitted PhotographHickethier

Age: 67

Lives: The Preserves Development, Gettysburg

From: Bloomer, Wisconsin.

Educated at: Bloomer High School, BA from UW-Madison, Graduate degree from UW-Milwaukee.

Family: My loving wife Teri, son Jason and family in Texas and daughter Kristin and family in Pottstown, Pa.

Job: Currently President of Healthy Adams Bicycle/Pedestrian, Inc. (as a volunteer) and member of the Cumberland Township Planning Commission. Retired after working for three federal agencies.

Job's reward: Seeing Adams County, especially Gettysburg, planning and developing trails for bicycling and walking so it is safer and more convenient for residents as well as tourists.

What I hate about my job: How long it takes to build support and find money for something that is so good for our communities.

Very first job was: Hard to remember but probably painting my parent's house.

Favorite food: So many it's hard to choose. Something with warm, gooey cheese and tasty meat and, of course, Wisconsin bratwurst with potato dumplings and sauerkraut.

Pets: Closest thing is my computer but it doesn't give me much love!

Hero: Every person who gets up each day and works hard to take care of his/her family and country and give back to his/her community. Also my maternal grandfather who was a German living in Poland when he immigrated in 1912.

Hobbies: Bicycling, golf, skiing, tennis and genealogy.

Pet peeves: People who throw trash on the ground, especially out their car windows. Would they do that if they were parked in their driveway?

Collects: Memories of adventures with family and friends, along with lots of photos!

Best friend: My wife of 45 years.

Would like to have witnessed what event in history: Assembling the Statue of Liberty

Event that changed your life: Of course getting married but also moving to Germany with my family in 1978.

Scariest moment: When our daughter fell off monkey bars in the fourth grade and we thought she may have broken her neck.

First memory: Camping on our front screened porch and listening to the local band playing music in the town park.

Trait inherited from parents: Being critical from my mother (not necessarily a good thing) and being friendly from my father.

Piece of advice that you live by: Treat everyone as you would want to be treated if you traded places. Can't say I always follow that advice.

Who needs a hug? We can all use one but especially kids with serious diseases and their parents.

Favorite reading/author: Times magazine and Dean Koontz

Favorite spot on earth: Cruising on a lake in Wisconsin watching bald eagles fly as the sun starts to set.

Website you visit most: AMAZON!

Would like concert tickets to see: Celtic Woman

One bad habit: I plead the 5th

3 items on your bucket list: Visiting Glacier National Park and the area around Lake Louise, Bicycling another dozen rail trails, visiting South America, probably Machu Picchu

Five minutes with: My maternal grandfather

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? To play GOOD golf!

What would people find surprising about you? As a teenager I was a champion archer

What would make this world a better place? For everyone to follow the law and learn to control their anger and disappointment without resorting to violence.

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like to share? The borough received grants to build the next sections of the Gettysburg Inner Loop (GIL) Trail.

How would you like to be remembered? As a kind and loving family man who helped others and gave back to his community.

- By Alex J. Hayes,

Times Managing Editor

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