Kimberly Codori Robison

Codori Robison

Age: 59

Lives: Gettysburg

From: Born in Gettysburg, but have lived in California, Tennessee, Maryland and Florida – Navy wife!! (retired now)

Educated at: Gettysburg Area High School, University of North Florida (undergrad), McDaniel College (Master’s)

Family: Rick (husband), Cory (son), Jacki (daughter-in-law), Virginia (apple of my eye – granddaughter), Jimmy (son)

Job: Math Teacher at Gettysburg Area High School (27 years teaching – I taught in Florida, Southern Maryland, Frederick County and at Gettysburg for 20 years)

Job’s reward: I am one of few people who can say they have been lucky enough to do the job they were meant to do. I changed my career path to become a teacher and have loved every minute (well, 99% of the minutes)

Job’s frustrations: Trying to convince High Schoolers that Math should be their favorite subject…It’s everywhere and it is so cool!

Very first job was: Lifeguard at the Travel Lodge Pool and Waitress at the Dutch Cupboard

Favorite food: Potatoes (in any form)

Pets: Banks – our grumpy, tortoise kitty

Hero: My Grandmother, Sarah Simpson Raffensperger, she had only an 8th grade education, but she was the smartest woman I ever knew.

Hobbies: jigsaw puzzles, being outdoors, art, music

Pet peeves: People who give up. You can accomplish anything if you have the right mindset.

Collects: My husband would say shoes.

Best friend: My husband, Rick – we’ve been hanging out for more than 40 years. Plus, a shout out to the Beach Babes!

Would like to have witnessed what event in history? Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech

Event that changed your life: Becoming a mother

Scariest moment: Getting on an airplane at 18 years old, heading to California to start my life…..I thought I knew everything….

First memory: My parents bringing my sister, Tina, home from the Hospital when I was 4 (almost 5)

Trait inherited from parents: Family is everything – mine is top notch!

Piece of advice that you live by: Moving forward in life is all about taking risks. You have to jump in to life and try things outside your comfort zone. There are lessons to be learned from the risks that fail and it is a sweet reward when things turn out better than expected.

Who needs a hug? Kids who are struggling.

Favorite reading/author: Maya Angelou

Favorite spot on earth: Sitting at the edge of the ocean with my sisters

Website you visit most: Amazon and Teachers Pay Teachers

Would like concert tickets to see: Maroon 5 (sorry Jimmy)

One bad habit: I can sometimes be impatient

3 items on your bucket list: See the Southern Cross in Australia, See the Northern Lights, and See the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota

Five minutes with: My mom, Doris Codori, I miss her laugh and her hugs!

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? To be a better painter

What would people find surprising about you? I’m not always the life of the party – sometimes I actually enjoy being quiet.

What would make this world a better place? I wish people would use their religion, politics and opinions to educate and inform one another rather than be divisive. We are all unique and deserving of respect. I love the quote (not sure who it belongs to) “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like to share? I am so proud of my boys!! They are both teachers and are both making an impact on the next generation. Cory has been teaching Social Studies for six years and will have his Master’s Degree in December, and Jimmy is in his second year teaching elementary music. It is such an honor to have my children follow in my footsteps. Teaching is such an important and impactful profession. Again, a quote I love (and I don’t know who said it originally) “Teaching — the profession that makes all others possible”

How would you like to be remembered? As someone who lived life with passion, laughter and love.

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