Arthur R. Sanchez


Age: 42

Lives: Gettysburg

From: California

Educated at: US Navy, Art Institute

Family: Youngest of four, oldest is my brother then two sisters; two kids, and my mom. My dad recently passed away.

Job: Co-owner operator of Fourcorners Comics and Games

Job’s reward: Although I have a retail shop, I have built some of the best relationships with the community that frequents my shop. I have watched kids grow up, I have seen couples get married and have had to say goodbye to a few as they move on to other locations. I am grateful to be involved in the community with charitable donations, event management with other business owners in the community. Working with individuals like Monique Gore from the Office Of Multicultural Engagement for the Gettysburg LincCon (, Dan Spence who manages the Gateway Theater and supports our movie ticket giveaways, Dawn Smith from the Adams County Library System and seeing how they use their donations dollars is really incredible.

Job’s frustrations: No one who runs a small business will ever say its easy. Working every day to stay ahead of the trends and be current in a genre that is everchanging can be frustrating. Engaging our customers and creating a welcoming and exciting atmosphere while having larger companies moving to the more cost-effective digital format that takes the necessity to visit the local game shops and interact with others is a huge frustration as well.

Very first job was: My first real job was McDonald’s in Visalia California where I grew up

Favorite food: Honestly, I just like to eat! But if I was only allowed to eat one thing, I would go with pizza.

Pets: I had a pup a few years ago, she was a black lab and I got her when I was stationed overseas during my time in the Navy. She was awesome and was with me for many years. I am not sure I would want another.

Hobbies: Um, comics. I also really enjoy playing Magic the Gathering as well. I am basically a collector, as a kid I collected stamps, coins, comics, cards, and rocks.

Pet peeves: I probably have too many, entitlement is a big one and I really can’t stand the sound of crinkling bags.

Collects: I don’t get to collect as I did before opening FourCorners Comics & Games. It was hard to sell my first expensive key comic when we first opened. Holly really helped me get over that.

Best friend: Not really a best friend kind a guy. I have a lot of friends that I consider to be close and if we are friends then I will bend over backwards to help you out!

Event that changed your life: Having kids. It is a strange thing to understand for many who do not have kids and unfortunately for some that do but when my son Braden was born an immediate sense of unconditional love overtook me and as corny as it sounds I then understood what it meant to love someone completely. I now have a daughter who I would also give my last dying breath.

First memory: Whatever today is about an hour ago, maybe.

Favorite reading/author: I think the only non-comic book writer I really enjoyed was Stephen King. I have a hard time reading books without pictures! I know that sounds funny but in the world of comics you have every gene you can imagine with topics as profound and relevant as any other genre. Currently my favorite authors are Donny Cates who writes many Marvel titles as wrote God Country as an independent comic from Image Comics. Chris Clairmont who defined the X-Men and is responsible for story arcs turned movies such as Days of Future Past and the Dark Phoenix. Believe me the comics were way better and of course I can’t forget Stan Lee.

Favorite spot on earth: The California cost is amazing. When I was a kid we would go to the beach and explore tide pools which are areas where water remained after the tide went out to sea. In this area you would find all kinds of sea life from crabs to octopus and some cool seashells. Although I do miss and loved cities like Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Morrow Bay I still think that my favorite spot on earth is still yet to be discovered.

Website you visit most:

Would like concert tickets to see: U2, I have seen a lot of bands and been to a lot of concerts but during the 90’s around 95-96 I really wanted to see the band U2 and just was not able to make that happen.

3 items on your bucket list: Pay off student loans, travel more, Write a comic book

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