Age: 22

You live where: Pennsylvania

From where originally: New York City, Queens

Educated at: Jamaica High School

Family: Mom, Dad, brothers, aunt

Job: Street food vendor

Job reward: Get to meet new people every day

Jobs frustrations: Don’t have any. I love what I do.

Very first job: Loading box trucks in the South Bronx

Favorite food: Chicken on rice made by my brother Moe

Pets: Cat that doesn’t have a name

Hero: My father

Hobbies: Lawn care, taking care of my lawn

Pet peeves: People who show off

Best friend: My brother/cousin Muhammad AKA Moe

You would like to have witnessed what event in history: The Stone Age

Event that changed your life: The day I moved to Pennsylvania

Your scariest moment: I don’t think I really had one.

Your first memory: The outfit I wore on the first day of kindergarten, Guess jeans, an Iceberg sweater with snoopy on it and white Air Force ones.

Trait inherent from parents: Really loud

Piece of advice you live by: HARD WORK PAYS OFF!

Favorite reading author: Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Favorite sport on earth: Basketball

Website you visit most: Google

Would like concert tickets to see: NAS

One bad habit: Smoke cigarettes

3 items on your bucket list: Get married, buy my mom a house, and open a restaurant

Five minutes with: Jeff Bezos

What skills or lessons would you like to learn: How to handle money

What would people find surprising about me: I love to sightsee

What would make this world a better place: Less hate

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like the share: I became a uncle for the sixth time

How would you like to be remembered: As a good-hearted person who sold amazing food on the corner of Water Street in Gettysburg, Pa.

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Tawanna Hillyer

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