Getting to Know... Joseph (Joe) Albin

Jim Hale/Gettysburg TimesAlbin

Age: I celebrated my 40th Birthday last year.

Lives: Dover

From: I was born and raised in Hanover

Educated at: I was, and always will be, a Mustang, having graduated from South Western High School. I attended Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. My first Master's of Education Degree was received from Penn State Harrisburg in Curriculum and Instruction. My second Master's of Education Degree was obtained from York College of Pennsylvania in Educational Leadership.

Family: My wonderful wife, Jodi, and I have three children. Adam is our oldest and our soccer star, Allison is our middle child and a cheerleading fanatic, and Aaron is our youngest; he is very excited about beginning his Kindergarten journey next school year.

Job: Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the Upper Adams School District

Job's reward: The most rewarding thing about my job is being able to work with teachers each day to set goals, problem-solve current challenges, and work collaboratively with them to establish quality programs, courses, and content to provide students a great learning experience.

What I hate about my job: The funding issues pertaining to education. Public school districts in Pennsylvania have been faced with furloughing staff, cutting programs, and curtailing resources for students because political winds cannot seem to develop a fair and equitable plan for funding across the Commonwealth. The students end up paying the price for government missteps and apathetic approaches to solving the issue.

Very first job was: My very first job was at age 16 when I was busing tables at the Richard McAllister Inn in Downtown Hanover. At the time, the Richard McAllister Inn hosted a tavern as well as a breakfast/dinner dining room.

Favorite food: I have many favorite foods. Of course, I can never turn down a great steak, whether from Texas Roadhouse or Applebee's. The Famous Hot Weiner is another one of my favorite stops when passing through Hanover.

Pets: Growing up, our family had a cat. However, other than a goldfish that was won at the Dover Fireman's Fair, there are no pets in our house right now.

Hero: The guy from Penn Waste who picked up my trash when the roads were snow covered and the wind chill was negative 20. He still hung onto the back of that truck and picked up the trash at each house. Definitely, my hero!

Hobbies: When in season, I spend my weekends traveling to soccer and cheerleading games. Our family enjoys traveling to South Carolina for vacations and checking out amusement parts during the warmer months. Weekends at the pool in the summer and working on home projects keep me busy throughout the year.

Pet peeves: My pet peeve has to be people who are never on time or those who have no consideration for the inconvenience they cause by a lack of planning on their part.

You collect: Being a Carolina Gamecocks fan, I collect any and everything related to the University of South Carolina or the Gamecocks.

Would like to have witnessed what event in history: I would have liked to witness our landing on the moon.

Event that changed your life: I have to say that this would be getting married to my beautiful wife, Jodi.

Your scariest moment: Several years ago I was involved in an accident where another vehicle, travelling at a high rate of speed, hit my car from behind while I was stopped for a school bus. The loss of control and near miss of hitting natural gas pipes and other cars was certainly unnerving.

Your first memory: Some of my earliest memories are vacationing with my family in Cameron County. Visiting the hunting cabin, experiencing an "outhouse," and just running around in the openness of the mountain area are some of my earliest memories.

Trait inherited from parents: I believe I inherited my dad's patience. He tends to let things happen in good time and not worry about stuff that may be out of his control. From my mom, I have inherited her determination. When she sets her mind to something, it gets done and done well.

Piece of advice that you live by: Take one day at a time and enjoy it the best you can.

Who needs a hug? The Rutter's Farm Store employee who was trying to take care of at least 10 people in line with a lottery machine that was not working.

Favorite reading/author: I enjoy reading Political Science (Non-fiction) Books and several newspapers.

Favorite spot on earth: My favorite spot would be sitting on a warm beach, toes in the sand, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing.

Website you visit most: There is always something to purchase or read from Amazon.

Would like concert tickets to see: Garth Brooks or Little Big Town

One bad habit: I could eat an entire bag of Martin's Potato Chips myself.

3 items on your bucket list: One day I would like to participate in the Groundhog Day ceremonies in Punxsutawney, visit Australia (especially the beaches/coastal areas), and take a cruise that travels through the Panama Canal.

Five minutes with: Designer From HGTV, Hilary Farr, for some renovation advice.

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? I have always wanted to learn to play the piano.

What would people find surprising about you? I think people would be surprised to know that I go to the movies primarily for the popcorn. I love it.

What would make this world a better place? People need to be more independent and take responsibility for the decisions they make or do not make. Too much dependency on government and others to make our lives better has caused our world to become fractured in many areas.

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like to share? Spring begins on March 20.

How would you like to be remembered? As a good husband, father, and son.

- By Alex J. Hayes,

Times Managing Editor

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