Getting to Know... Richard Lemuel Sterner

Sterner (Darryl Wheeler/Gettysburg Times)

Age: I just recently turned 60 on March 3. I am still accepting belated birthday cards and cupcakes (with peanut butter icing).

Lives: Lake Meade

From: Belle Vernon, Pa.

Educated at: Shippensburg University

Family: Two daughters, Rachel - Stage Manager for Bette Midler Tour, Sara - Kitchen Supervisor for Chili's in Carlisle. I also have a wonderful cat, Shadow, another wonderful cat, Lily, and a fantastic dog named Spaz. Spaz is weird; he doesn't like to take walks.

Job: Biglerville High School Principal (17 years)

Job's reward: Shaking hands with the future.

What I hate about my job: Dealing with unhappy people

Very first job was: Working on a farm. I'd awaken at the crack of dawn, the shrill cock-a-doodle-doo of a rooster piercing the quiet morning, and then I would slip into my overalls before heading out to milk cows and collect eggs.

Favorite food: Anything from Montezuma's (I'm a big fan of chicken chimichangas), and I also like pizza. A lot.

Pets: Spaz my dog, Shadow the nicest cat in the world, Lily the second-nicest cat in the world.

Hero: Abraham Lincoln

Hobbies: Music and golf. I also like to collect pens and if I can find a good book, I don't mind passing my time reading. During the summer, I become somewhat addicted to the television show "Mistresses."

Pet peeves: People who think they know when they actually don't.

You collect: Single Malt Scotches

Best friend: My teachers.

Would like to have witnessed what event in history: The signing of the Declaration of Independence

Event that changed your life: Wrecking a UPS truck

Your scariest moment: Wrecking a UPS truck

Your first memory: My mother decorating a birthday cake for me. It was a layer cake with white icing and yellow tractors. It tasted like lemon-flavored clouds.

Trait inherited from parents: Levelheadedness and hard work

Piece of advice that you live by: Try not to get too excited, but try not to get too low as well.

Who needs a hug? My Assistant Principal

Favorite reading/author: Hannah Rae. I have read her first novel, "Like A Flip Turn," and it changed my life. Her characters are so life-like that I wish I could befriend them. Reading about the fictional world of Lake Caywood reminds me of my favorite place on earth, Gettysburg.

Favorite spot on earth: Gettysburg. I have a favorite spot on the battlefield, but I can't tell you where it is. It's a secret.

Website you visit most: The Google Search page

Would like concert tickets to see: Bette Midler

One bad habit: Sometimes I forget how to talk. Just ask my teachers It's fairly ridiculous; I know what I want to say, but the words won't come out. I end up producing a weird "num num num" sound and making the same face that I might make after biting into an onion.

3 items on your bucket list: To see Moscow, to write a book, and to buy a sailboat.

Five minutes with: Abraham Lincoln

What skill or lesson would you like to learn? More about cooking. I make a mean omelet, and I can grill up some mighty fine fish, but when it comes to most things, I'm clueless in the kitchen.

What would people find surprising about you? I play in a brass quintet

What would make this world a better place? Properly funded Education for everyone.

What is the best piece of news you received lately that you would like to share? "It's a gift."

How would you like to be remembered? As a good guy who tried to make life better for people.

- By Alex J. Hayes, Times Managing Editor

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