Getting to know Malgorzata 'Maggie' Golec

Darryl Wheeler/Gettysburg TimesGolec

Age: I was really tempted to lie on that one, but too many people know my age... 36.

Lives: Gettysburg

From: I was born and raised in Poland, and moved to USA in 2006.

Educated at: I graduated from The Ursuline Catholic High School in Poznan, Poland. After that I moved to Cracow, and attended and graduated from The Pontifical University of John Paul II; my major was Philosophy.

Family: My entire family still lives in Poland; my parents and younger sister are not as adventurous as I am. My husband Lucas moved here with me. While living in Gettysburg we adopted two American cats. There has been a communication issue for a little bit, but now they understand Polish just fine!

Job: Director of Sales at The Hilton Garden Inn Gettysburg.

Job's reward: One of the best things about my job is that I work with people that I call my friends, people who care about me and want me to succeed. I've always wanted to work in a field where I could be with people, help them and connect with them, simply because I like people. It turned out that hospitality allowed me to fulfill all these needs. Hospitality work is a very dynamic, interesting and challenging world and I love being a part of it.

What I hate about my job: I help market a small hotel, so I feel bad when I need to turn away guests when we fill up so building on more rooms is a goal ha ha.

Very first job was: I helped out my family during the harvest in the summer when I was young. However, that was not a paid job. One summer in high school, I delivered phone books to different businesses with my friend in her teeny-tiny car, I think that was probably my first paid job.

Favorite food: That's easy, I like food. I like to try new things. Weird looking food will not scare me off, you can be really surprised by the flavors and find great dishes. Sometimes first you need to be brave, close your eyes, and give it a try.

Pets: Two cats, Kulka and Thursday. They love my husband, tolerate me.

Hero: Every parent who gets up in the morning and gives everything they have to support and raise their family. I meet real heros every day: my neighbors, friends, coworkers. People who inspire, motivate and remind me what is important in life why we should never give up on ourselves and our happiness.

Hobbies: I like to be active! Sometimes I feel like I plan my life around gym. Bike is my best friend in the summer. I love traveling! My husband and I lived in Ireland for almost a year. So far we've traveled to 25 states in America. We are looking forward to many more adventures and trips in the future.

Pet peeves: I don't like when people don't try to communicate and empathize with each other.

Collects: Great memories and friends and of course fridge magnets. Refrigerator magnets are the main souvenir I bring home with me from any trip.

Best friend: My college friend Dorothy, she still lives in Poland, I miss her every day. My other friend, Kinga, I get to see more often. She (thank goodness) lives not only on the same continent, but in the same town!

Would like to have witness what event in history? I wish I could have been in Germany, during the fall of the Berlin Wall. I can't even imagine what it meant to the people of this country to become one again, to reunite with their families and friends. I would also like to see the Ellis Island when the immigrants stayed there before they could enter to USA.

Event that changed your life: Winning the green card and moving to USA was definitely a big life changing choice. I am also very proud that my husband and I officially became American citizens last February.

Piece of advice you live by: Never, ever give up on yourself and your dreams, even if you are scared, take a risk, love life!

Who needs a hug? Well, this is a very interesting question. A hug is like a hand shake, it can tell you a lot about a person. I don't care if you want a hug, I don't care if you need a hug, you are getting one. Hugs are underestimated, we should hug more, unless it's a flu season, then just stick to a smile.

Favorite reading/author: Russian classical literature is one of my favorite... Leo Tolstoy and Fiodor Dostojewski are two authors I love.

Favorite spot on earth: Cracow is my favorite spot; it's a city where I made life long friends, fell in love, a place I felt safe and happy in.

Would like concert tickets to see: The Rolling Stones

One bad habit: I am seriously addicted to peanut butter.

Three items on your bucket list: See Japan, ride an elephant I can settle for a camel!, go on a cruise somewhere.

Five minutes with: Actor Bill Murray.

What would you like to learn? Learn how to swim, speak Spanish, ride a motorcycle.

What would people find surprising about you? That I am 36 years old.

What would make this world a better place: More hugs, more laughter, more setting around the table and talking with each other.

How would you like to be remembered? As that Polish girl!

- By Alex J. Hayes,

Times Managing Editor

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