Massive dog, owner rescued in Carroll Valley

Submitted PhotoSLICK - Fairfield firefighters transport an injured dog that fell in Lake Carroll Friday morning.

A 220-pound dog fell in Lake Carroll Friday morning and was rescued by his owner and local firefighters.

The mastiff and his Carroll Valley owner were walking along the lake on higher ground when the dog slipped and slid down to the lake, Fairfield Fire and EMS Chief Bill Jacobs said.

The dog's weight broke the ice and sent him into the chilly water. When firefighters arrived, they discovered the owner and dog down on the bank beside the lake, Jacobs said, unsure how the dog got out.

"We had people dressed and ready to go in the water if we had to," Jacobs said.

Firefighters walked a stretcher down the slope on a cable attached to its special unit truck, secured the owner and her companion and pulled them up, according to Jacobs.

The dog suffered a leg injury and went to a veterinarian for treatment, while the owner was uninjured, Jacobs said. He said it was difficult to get the special unit out to the lake and took an access road to get there.

Fairfield Fire and EMS practiced ice rescue drills Jan. 16 on Lake Mae, which would have come in handy Friday if the need arose.

"Training's the most important thing we do," Jacobs said.

Jacobs said the Lake Carroll rescue was the first ice-related lake rescue the station has experienced.

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