New business offers lease-free office, meeting spaces

BUSINESS INCUBATOR - A new venture called Gettysburg Grind is offering lease-free daily office and meeting room space for small businesses at 122 Baltimore St. The building in downtown Gettysburg also houses professional services of use to small businesses. From left are Patricia Forsythe, Crystal Groves, Michael Jackman, and building owner Andrew Donahue. All but Groves work with with Forsythe & Donahue Tax Solutions. Groves owns the Misfit Interactive web design firm. The building also houses the Miley Law Office. (Jim Hale/Gettysburg Times)

A new business in downtown Gettysburg is dedicated to helping small businesses by providing lease-free office and meeting space and access to an array of professional services.

At Gettysburg Grind, 122 Baltimore St., space can be rented on an hourly, daily, or longer basis, and regular leases are available too.

The site also houses Forsythe & Donahue Tax Solutions, the Misfit Interactive web design and online marketing firm, and the Miley Law Office of attorney Tony Miley.

The goal is to "incubate" new local businesses by giving them "the support they need to survive" without the daunting expense of a regular lease, said Andrew Donahue, a partner in the tax firm as well an owner of the building through the Donahue & Doll Property Management Group.

"We want to be a one-stop shop for small businesses" that need space and services "to grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace," Donahue said.

"Gettysburg Grind provides a necessary co-working space for new and small businesses in Adams County," says the business's new website, created by Crystal Grove, owner of Misfit Interactive.

"Whether you work from home and need an office space to reduce distractions on a regular basis, or need to use space temporarily for a project or meeting, the Gettysburg Grind can accommodate you," says the website at

"We provide the essentials you need to grow a successful business such as workspace, Internet access, office utilities, meeting rooms, coffee, and business support," the website says.

The tax preparation firm also offers bookkeeping, payroll, notary and other services, said Patricia Forsythe, who previously had her own firm in Straban Township. Forsythe & Donahue recently acquired Michael and Patricia Jackman's Patriot's Choice Tax Services, formerly located in Gettysburg, Forsythe said.

Gettysburg Grind hopes to widen the array of firms housed in the building, said Donohue, who cited potential examples such as financial advisors, small business finance companies, credit card processing firms, traditional marketers, and real estate professionals.

Gettysburg Grind moved into the building across the street from the Adams County Courthouse in October this year, Donahue said. The three-story structure now has several open units that could be configured different ways, he said.

In addition to the website, information is available at 334-2775 and


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