Cumberland Township Police Department released this photo of a woman at the ACNB Bank, Spring Grove, drive-up banking window.

Recent vehicle break-ins may be linked to a group called the “Felony Lane Gang” (FLG).

Cumberland Township Police Department (CTPD) and National Park Service law enforcement responded to vehicle break-ins in the park and at township campgrounds on June 25, according to CTPD.

Vehicle windows were smashed at the park, as well as at the National Riding Stables, 610 Taneytown Road, police said.

Stolen items included purses and wallets containing credit cards, checkbooks, and identification, police said.

“Several checks were later recovered after an unknown female was attempting to cash them at several different banks throughout Adams County,” according to police.

“The FLG is a group of organized burglary and identity theft rings operating in multiple jurisdictions throughout the U.S.,” according to information from the FBI provided by CTPD.

The group often operates independently, with a loose hierarchy utilizing rental vehicles with heavily-tinted windows to conduct surveillance in parking lots, police said.

They steal identification documents, credit cards, and checkbooks from unattended vehicles in areas where people would be more likely to leave their purses in their vehicles, said police.

FLG members then use the stolen checks and IDs to withdraw large sums of money at multiple banks before the victims can close their accounts, police said.

These thieves strategically choose the farthest window from the teller, in bank drive-thru lanes, to impersonate the customer using the stolen ID, according to police.

This drive-thru lane is commonly known as the “felony lane,” thus coining the name of this criminal enterprise.

Police ask anyone with information about the break-ins to contact Adams County emergency dispatchers at 717-334-8101.

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