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Heavy rains continued to make flooding a concern Thursday around Adams County.

County Emergency Services Director John Eline said a water rescue was made around 6 a.m. at a Taneytown Road residence along Rock Creek in Cumberland Township. Several other rescues, he added, were made in the East Berlin area where most of Thursday's flooding damage took place.

In total, 35 homes in the East Berlin were evacuated and the Liberty Fire Company offered shelter for residents. The local chapter of the American Red Cross is also offering assistance.

"Right now, we are concerned with some of the road closures," Eline said Thursday. "The Route 234 bridge in East Berlin is closed. Another sensitive area seems to be Route 94 at the Inn at 94. The Conewago Creek runs right beneath there."

The Adams County Commissioners have issued an emergency declaration which allows Eline and his staff to use whatever resources are necessary to protect residents.

Eline said the East Berlin Fire Department has asked the state government for use of a military vehicle called a "Deuce-and-a-Half" to assist in evacuations.

"The vehicle sits high enough to traverse through deep waters and is able to hold more people," he added.

Eline said many Adams County high schools either closed or had an early dismissal on Thursday.

HAAC's Gettysburg campus was also closed.

The regularly scheduled Gettysburg Borough Finance Committee meeting was canceled Thursday, accordign to Borough Manager Florence Ford.

"We don't know when it's going to stop," Eline said. "Most of the issues seem to be on the eastern side of the county right now even though the heavy rain is coming down on the west side."

As of 11:30 a.m., the following roads were closed in Adams County:

-Abbottstown Pike at the York-Adams county line (Berwick Township),

-Huff Road at Green Springs Road (Berwick Township),

-Abbottstown Pike at Race Track Road (Berwick Township),

-Country Club Road at York County Line Bridge (Berwick Township),

-Hostetter Road at Conewago Creek (Conewago Township),

-North Allwood Drive at Rosecroft (Conewago Township),

-Mount Pleasant Road between Airport Road and Utz (Conewago Township),

-Chapel Road at the bridge (Conewago Township),

-Chapel Road at Rock Creek (Cumberland Township),

-Barlow Road at Rock Creek (Cumberland Township),

-Barlow-Greenmount Road at Rock Creek (Cumberland Township),

-Taneytown Road at the 2300-block near Rock Creek (Cumberland Township),

-Bateman Road for the entire road (Latimore Township),

-Old Route 15 (Latimore Township),

-Brough Road near Latimore Creek Road (Latimore Township),

-Braggtown Road at Bermudian Creek Road (Latimore Township),

-Bushey School Road at Latimore Creek Road (Latimore Township),

-Bonners Hill Road off of Mountain Road (Latimore Township),

-Latimore Valley Road at Quaker Church Road (Latimore Township),

-Baltimore Road at Quaker Church Road (Latimore Township),

-Bermudian Creek Road in the 400-block (Latimore Township),

-Baltimore Road at Old Route 15 (Latimore Township),

-Maryland Line Road at Harney Road (Mount Joy Township),

-Orphanage Road at Furney Road (Mount Joy Township),

-Baltimore Pike at Mud College Road (Mount Joy Township),

-Hanover Road at Low Dutch Road (Mount Joy Township),

-White Hall Road in the 2100-block (Mount Joy Township),

-White Church Road at Solomon and Goulden roads (Mount Joy Township),

-Hanover Road in the 4200-block at Mar Bar (Mount Pleasant Township),

-Bender Road in the 1200-block at Hanover Arc (Mount Pleasant Township),

-Centenniel Road at Bon Ox Road (Mount Pleasant Township),

-Centenniel Road in the 500-block (Mount Pleasant Township),

-Kohler Mill Road in the 500-block (Oxford Township),

-Carlisle Pike in the 1700-block (Oxford Township),

-Fish and Game Road for the entire road (Oxford Township),

-Kohler Mill Road at the bridge (Oxford Township),

-Storm Store Road (Oxford Township),

-Stone Bridge Road at Hump Back Bridge (Oxford Township),

-East Berlin Road (reading Township),

-Fish and Game Road (Reading Township),

-Staub Road (Reading Township),

-Group Mill Road between the 300 and 800 block (Reading Township),

-Old Harrisburg Road in the 1600-block at the bridge (Straban Township),

-Beaver Run Road (Straban Township),

-New Chester Road at Swift Run Road (Straban Township), and

-Sells Station Road at the soccer fields (Union Township).

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It was not a water rescue from a home on Taneytown Road along Rock Creek it was a stupid person trying to drive across the water covered bridge. When are you educated citizens going to figure out when the water is coming over the bridge you are not smarter then the water? You sent VOLUNTEERS out to save your sorry excuse for a person that you don't think need your donations because you'll never need them. Well guess what you did and you should feel ashamed for the way you think about them. If officials say to stay out or get out they are not telling you this just to hear themselves say it listen to them they no more about what is going on then you do. You have been in your house listening to what the news is telling you the folks out in it are telling you what they have seen and know with their own eyes!!!


Rock: old saying "Stupid is what stupid does" Forest Gump!!!!!!!!

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