Craig and Deborah Davis, owners of Kona Ice of Adams County, rolled up to Tuesday’s York Springs Borough Council meeting in their new Kona Ice Krafted truck to let residents know they will be in town on Wednesday evenings.

This is the third truck for the local couple, who signed on with the Kentucky-based franchise about six years ago. The Hawaiian-style shaved ice trucks, with mascot penguin, can be seen driving through local neighborhoods, parked at sporting events or entertaining at birthday parties. In addition to mobile units, the company recently opened a storefront at 2825 Carlisle Pike, New Oxford.

Fundraisers are a key part of Kona’s business model and the local company welcomes profit-split events where they share a certain portion of their sales with a nonprofit or charity sponsor. They have become a fixture at Bermudian Springs High School home football games, where 25 percent of their Ice (and Kona Cocoa) sales go back to the school.

Council members, after making sure necessary permits were acquired and requesting that the weekly visits start after the upcoming York Springs Firemen’s Carnival (July 24-27), welcomed the business to town.

Following the meeting, those in attendance were treated to their choice of a Vita-Blend Kona which Deb said is made with 40 percent less sugar and sweetened with Stevia infused with Vitamins C and D.

Customers can create their own shaved ice on the truck’s self-serve “Flavorwave” or choose from some new Kona Krafted flavors such as Blackberry Mojito or Bourbon Black Cherry Vanilla. None of the flavors contain alcohol, but the artisanal flavors might tempt adult palates.

Craig said they just picked up the new Sunset Truck about three weeks ago and hope to use it for weddings and corporate events. The local company has 11 employees between its trucks and store.

Since getting out of the corporate world – more than 30 years with a grocery chain – Craig is “keeping busy having fun” with the business, while Deb schedules events and helps serve ice when she is not working as a massage therapist.

Craig said Kona is the number-one fastest growing mobile franchise, adding that his Adams County Kona was the seventh in PA and now there are 14.

“We have our territories, but we also help each other out,” he said.

There are 980 franchises across the nation and truck number 1,200 is currently on the production line.

The local company has been part of Hanover Dutch Days, Littlestown Good Ole’ Days, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in York, as well as local college events, AYSO soccer, Little League games, and more.

When do they take a break?

“In winter,” said Craig.

For more information on the franchise, visit To see where the local trucks are headed, follow “Kona Ice of Adams County” on Facebook. To have Kona at your event, call 717-451-4996.

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