Summer is road work season and keeping traffic moving was considered by Straban Township supervisors Monday as the board discussed replacing traffic lights.

The board voted to place new signal systems at two intersections, Camp Letterman and U.S. Route 30 and Natural Springs and U.S. Route 30.

The time is right, according to the supervisors, because of on-going Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) paving on Route 30.

Last month, the board also hoped to replace the traffic signal at the Walmart intersection with Route 30 but the cost to replace all three signals was prohibitive.

According to the board, the cost to replace the traffic signals at the three intersections would be $134,000. With funds from PennDOT and other sources, the cost to the township would have been $60,000.

Chairman Tony Sanders then suggested the township replace two of the three signals and wait to replace the one at Walmart.

With the use of PennDOT funds, traffic impact funds and Camp Letterman allocation, the township will spend $16,817 from the general fund for the two signals.

While radar use often connotes speed traps, radar-based traffic signals use the technology to identify traffic in a much more specific manner than the in-ground system currently in use.

Supervisors noted the radar-based system recognizes motorcycles and smaller vehicles much better than the in-ground system currently in use. Additionally, the in-ground sensors can be impacted by snow removal equipment and other road maintenance vehicles.

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