The Gettysburg Borough Council awarded a $749,493 contract for reconstruction of East and West Broadway.

C.E. Williams and Sons Inc. of Gettysburg was the lowest among five bidders, borough engineer Chad Clabaugh told the council during Monday’s regular meeting.

It was a “good bid,” significantly under the estimate of $800,000, he said.

Plans differ for the two halves of the extra-wide street, said Clabaugh, of the C.S. Davidson firm in Gettysburg.

On the eastern half, pavement is to be narrowed by five feet on both sides of the street, existing sidewalks are to be rebuilt, on-street parking will remain on both sides, and two rain gardens will be installed, Clabaugh said. The latter are stone-filled depressions that accumulate stormwater and allow it to sink into the ground, and will aid the borough in meeting federally mandated storm runoff reduction efforts, Clabaugh said.

The west half’s distinctive mid-street “islands” are to be narrowed and the number of paved intervals between them is to be reduced, Clabaugh said. The west side’s on-street parking is to be removed, but curbs and sidewalks are to remain the same, he said.

The project includes elevation changes to improve drainage, replacement of storm drains, and installation of traffic-slowing “speed tables,” he said.

Williams will assign a supervisor as a “point of contact” because communication with affected property owners will be “one of the most important” priorities during the project, Clabaugh said. For example, he said homeowners will not be able to use their driveways for three days as concrete sets after new aprons are poured.

As the project was being planned, borough officials worked closely with residents to determine their preferences

Council member Charles Strauss asked whether Broadway property owners plan to create a neighborhood investment district in order to pay for maintenance of raised islands on a portion of the street.

Borough attorney Harold Eastman said he has been in touch with an attorney who is working with residents toward creating such a district.

Funding sources include the last of the proceeds of 2016’s $4-million multi-project bond issue, state fuel tax funds, and contributions from the borough’s Storm Water Authority and the Gettysburg Municipal Authority, Clabaugh said. The latter is replacing water lines and Columbia Gas is lower service lines as required for the project at no cost to the borough, he said.

Materials excavated in the course of the Broadway project and from storm water improvements and pavement reconstruction King Street are being placed in the southeast corner of the Gettysburg Recreation Park off Long Lane, Clabaugh said The Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority, which operates the borough-owned park, plans to reclaim about an acre that is too wet to be used, he said. Grading and seeding are planned before winter, he said.

In other business Monday, the council awarded an $88,395 contract for maintenance of six bridges to Fares Farhat General Construction Services.

The bid was below the estimate of $95,000, Clabaugh said.

Little of the work will be visually prominent, consisting mostly of concrete repairs and recoating of girders, he said.

The award was contingent on receipt of references from the Halifax-based company, which is in its “infancy,” Clabaugh said. Should a problem arise, he said, the next bid is about $6,500 higher.

Council members voted 5-0 to award each of the two contracts, with John Lawver and Jake Schindel absent.

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