Bavarian students engage with Fairfield High School students during a cross-cultural meeting in Fairfield on Wednesday.

It was all about Bavaria, the Octoberfest, and German culture at the Fairfield school on Wednesday. Fairfield fifth graders and the high school students studying German had the opportunity to talk to Bavarian students for a few hours.

During the cultural merging, the German students shared their traditional practices with their American counterparts. First they presented some Bavarian customs, including food specialties such as Weisswurst (white sausage) and soft pretzels. Then they explained important landmarks in Bavaria. One of those examples was Schloss Neuwanstein, the famous King Ludwig’s castle. The German students explained that Münschen or Munich, the capital of Bavaria, hosts the largest celebration throughout the world every year. It is of course the Octoberfest, which starts the end of September and concludes towards the middle of October.

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