Adams County plan to update some of its vehicle fleet.

County commissioners approved a lease agreement with Enterprise for $68,296, which calls for the county to lease 11 vehicles this year. There is an additional maintenance fee of $6,665, officials said.

Phil Swope, staff accountant, said it is a per year cost with the agreement lasting five years. The vehicles are for the probation department, building and maintenance, the planning office, and children and youth services, according to officials.

“We did a thorough analysis of the cost and looked at other rental programs,” Commissioner Vice Chairman Jim Martin said Wednesday. “This seemed to be the best rental program out there.”

This is the first time the county has opted to go this route for county vehicles, which came about after hearing the success of other entities with similar agreements such as Gettysburg Borough and the Adams County Housing Authority, commissioners said.

Swope said the county operates with a fleet of 55 to 60 vehicles. The agreement would bring in Chevy Impalas, some vans and an SUV, all newer vehicles, he said.

Martin said the timing worked out with “waning” vehicles, noting the amount of maintenance needed on some being “a factor when we made the decision.”

“It is also nice knowing employees are working in reliable vehicles,” Martin said.

When the commissioners took office in 2012, the vehicles were “rundown” and county officials “had concerns of staff getting stranded,” according to Commissioner Marty Qually.

Commissioner Chairman Randy Phiel recalled a prison transport van that had 180,000 miles on it at the time. It was “unsettling. We won’t let it happen again,” Phiel said.

Phiel said the plan is to operate on a five-year cycle with the lease agreements.

The other impacts of the agreement include: giving staff newer vehicles; having the vehicles maintained by the leasing company; the benefits of the company reselling the leased vehicles; and potential decreased maintenance costs, according to Phiel.

Qually called leasing a “better, long-range capital plan.” The agreement will give the county a clearer picture for budgeting going forward, according to Qually.

“We don’t see this as a massive savings. We have to buy vehicles anyhow. We are hoping it will balance it out,” Qually said.

The 2019 budget did not include funds for the agreement, but it did have about $60,000 to purchase two vehicles, which will “offset each other,” according to Phiel.

“We will budget for it going forward,” Qually said.

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