Torren Ecker


Residence: Hamilton Township

Employment: Private Practice Attorney at Becker Law Group, P.C.

Education: George Mason University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Political experience: Former legislative aid for Republican Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis

Community involvement: East Berlin Area Community Center; Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce-Board Member; Hanover Rotary Club-President; Hanover Area Young Professionals-Founding Member; Freemason-Hebron Lodge No. 465; Junior Achievement, Jefferson Area Volunteer Fire Company; New Oxford Elementary Classroom Volunteer

What makes you the best candidate? First and foremost, I believe fiscally responsible leadership is needed in Harrisburg to protect our hardworking families. Being raised in a blue-collar family, working my way through college and supporting my young family, I appreciate the importance of keeping more money in taxpayers’ wallets. We must advance and promote reduced taxes, a business-friendly environment and regulation reform. The families of Adams and Cumberland County surely know how to spend their hard-earned money better than Harrisburg.

Additionally, we must break the gridlock and conflict in Harrisburg. That is why we must find common ground on issues and seek to compromise so that we can adequately represent the people of we serve. As an attorney, I am committed to resolving conflict in my client’s lives. As your state representative, I will use that same energy and enthusiasm to restore trust and confidence in our government.

As your state representative, you can trust me to use my proven experience and conservative values to stand up for you in Harrisburg. I will defend the sanctity of human life and safeguard our second Amendment rights. I will fight to lower taxes for property owners and businesses, reduce government intrusion in our lives and strengthen our education system so that we may fully empower our children and ready them for the future.

We live in a wonderful community with strong conservative values, and with your support, we will champion these values and make our community an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

What are the most important issues facing the office you are seeking? Property tax reform — I have heard this issue at doors more than any other. I absolutely agree that folks especially seniors should not be taxed out of their properties. In fact, I have helped folks in my job save their homes because of property taxes. However, I believe we need to look at reforming the cost drivers that school districts face including: (1) the increased requirements/regulation of education by the feds/state, (2) pensions, and (3) an unequal funding formula. Fixing these problems could have a net effect of reducing property taxes as well. It is important that we allow our school districts to maintain local control of their funds rather than sending more money to Harrisburg.

Workforce Development- The General Assembly should focus on issues that both parties can agree. One that is a passion of mine is workforce development. We need to promote career and technical education in our schools so that young people are interested in trades like welders, machinists, and electricians. These trades are in desperate need of workers, and they offer students an opportunity to graduate high school with a family-sustaining job. The General Assembly can incentivize businesses to help fund these apprenticeship programs in their local schools by offering tax credits to businesses that invest in their local schools. When we can pair private money and pubic money, our community only benefits.

Editor’s note: Ecker’s opponent, Democrat Matthew Nelson, did not return the questionairre.

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