Yancy Unger


A Littlestown graduate with a background in facilities management is vying for a seat on the school board.

Yancy Unger graduated from Littlestown High School in 1990, went on to Penn State, then worked and lived in Baltimore before returning to his hometown to start a family. He has three children attending Littlestown schools in fourth, eighth and 10th grades.

Unger is now the vice president of an engineering firm that serves clients in education, he said. The company designs mechanical and electrical systems for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, which has provided Unger a wide range of knowledge, he said.

“I definitely think my building knowledge will be helpful,” Unger said.

The school board has plans in the works to start saving for a future middle school or combined middle and high school. Unger hopes to be a part of that process.

Now that Unger’s children are older and he’s spending less time coaching youth sports, he feels “now is the time” to run for school board.

“Over the past twelve years, I have volunteered as a league officer, coach, equipment manager, and secretary for the local youth football, baseball, and basketball programs,” Unger said.

Unger hopes to help the district grow, for the benefit of his children and those who come after them.

“It’s the balance between the academic growth and the facilities and being fiscally responsible,” Unger said.

He wants to see the board continue to “spend properly.”

Unger has been a board member of the Thunderbolt Foundation, a nonprofit that raises funds for LASD, for more than three years. Through this position, he assisted with scholarship oversight, grant application reviews, and fundraising, according to Unger.

“I think of the foundation as a booster club to help with academic and extra-curricular needs within the school district,” Unger said.

He has served on parent advisory boards for the school district and currently assists the business occupational advisory committee, which provides “real world input” to administrators and teachers “to help strengthen the business programs within the district,” Unger said.

Having children in a wide range of grades, Unger is “happy with my kids’ education,” but believes there are ways to improve. He hopes people view his experience as a volunteer and a parent as an asset to the school board.

The election is May 21.

Times Staff Writer

Mary Grace has been a Gettysburg Times Staff Writer since December 2016. She covers Carroll Valley Borough, Cumberland Township, Liberty Township, Mount Joy Township, Straban Township, and Littlestown Area School District. Mary Grace lives in Gettysburg.

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