To reduce fowl fatalities, duck crossing signs are going up along Northern Pike Trail in Carroll Valley.

In the past, council rejected a resident’s request for signs in the area around the northern part of Lake Kay. Borough Manager Dave Hazlett said Tuesday the resident reached out again and asked council to reconsider, as the problem has continued. The complainant was not present at the meeting.

Councilman Richard Mathews first made a motion to install two signs, one for each direction, and to increase police presence in the area to dissuade speeding motorists.

“If they’re going the speed limit of twenty-five, they got plenty of time to slow down and stop for the duck,” Mathews said.

When no council members seconded the motion, Mathews removed the police component of his motion, which then was approved 5-1. Councilman Bruce Carr stood opposed and Jared Huster was absent. Earlier in the discussion, Carr suggested telling the resident signs “aren’t practical.”

Hazlett estimated signs could cost $100 to $150 apiece.

Chief Richard Hileman II, however, acknowledged Mathews’ request for additional police presence in the area. Councilman Dave Lillard wondered whether people are intentionally hitting the ducks.

“The ducks are dying for some reason,” Mathews said.

In other business, council received an update on the Carroll Valley trail project.

Designer Chris Chiampi of Frederick, Seibert & Associates Inc. (FSA) told council the current focus is planning the first mile of the trail. Part of the trail will include utilizing existing roads improved by signs and pavement markings, while another section through a wooded area has to be built.

The proposed trail will start at the Northern Pike and Trout Run trails’ intersection, continue along Trout Run and Ski Run trails then cut through the Eluma property, ending at Ski Liberty, Chiampi said.

FSA plans to acquire easements from property owners and add signs and stripes to roadways to alert vehicles to pedestrians and bicyclists, according to Chiampi. A “gravel stone dust trail” of six to eight feet in width would be installed on the Eluma property, Chiampi said. The property is covered in trees.

Resident Justin Erb expressed concern over Trout Run Trail be ing part of the path. Erb has seen vehicles speed along a particular bend in the road near his home.

“People fly around that corner,” Erb said.

He suggested the borough add sidewalks for dog walkers. Hazlett noted sidewalks would greatly increase the cost of the project.

Chiampi said safety is a top priority for the project.

Times Staff Writer

Mary Grace has been a Gettysburg Times Staff Writer since December 2016. She covers Carroll Valley Borough, Cumberland Township, Liberty Township, Mount Joy Township, Straban Township, and Littlestown Area School District. Mary Grace lives in Gettysburg.

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