FaithLynn Moore’s love of agriculture runs deep in her family’s roots.

Both of her parents grew up on farms, and beef cattle have been a part of Moore’s life since she was a little girl. Moore’s family has six beef cattle, two of which Moore shows, plus two pigs and a free-range goat named Superman, who knocks on the front door of the house for Cheetos, Moore laughed.

“There are pictures of me when I was like a month old right next to a little heifer,” Moore said.

Moore, 15, was named the 2019 Pennsylvania Teen Miss United States Agriculture after advancing from a local competition to the state level.

Moore will compete in the national competition in Orlando, Florida, on June 22.

Moore’s journey began when she met a former national queen at a Future Farmers of America (FFA) conference. Moore, current president of the FFA chapter at Fairfield High School, was encouraged by the national queen to register for the pageant at the local level.

After advancing from the local level, Moore competed in the state competition, which included an interview portion, evening gown and on-stage interview and a photogenic portion where Moore submitted headshots posing with her cows. Moore was crowned queen of the state competition, earning a crown and sash.

During the national competition, Moore will participate in a pageant-style event against other state queens. The event will feature an interview on and off stage and an industry fashion show, where participants will dress in clothes that represent an industry in their state.

Moore will represent the dairy industry with a cow print dress.

Moore has been in contact with many of the queens through social media and group chats and looks forward to meeting them at the national competition.

Although in direct competition, Moore is friendly with the other pageant participants.

“It never really feels like a competition between us,” Moore said. “We all talk like we’re just one big family.”

Of the entire process, Moore says her favorite part is being in the company of like-minded people.

“Every single contestant in it has a passion for agriculture. I’ve never met so many people in one place that are so welcoming to anything with agriculture, which if you can tell, is a huge part of my life,” Moore said, while motioning toward her cattle outside the kitchen window.

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