Spangler School Road pipe washed out

A pipe on Spangler School Road was washed out by the torrential downpours on July 5 and 7.

Mount Joy Township was hit with extreme water damage and road flooding during the storms on July 5 and 7.

Many roads in the township have “significant water flow damage,” according to Chairman John Gormont.

The storm on Friday, July 5, flooded areas such as state Route 97, “with water two-and-a-half feet deep.”

“I always say, there’s two things you can’t control, the wind and the water,” he said.

Gormont displayed nighttime photos showing massive flooding with huge amount of debris scattered about.

“It’s all terribly costly and time consuming,” he said.

Spangler School and Straley roads were flooded and buried pipes were uncovered by the flowing water. State police closed state roads.

“We don’t maintain those,” Gormont said.

With the township still reeling from the July 5 storm, Mount Joy was struck by another storm on Sunday, July 7.

The roads damaged by the tremendous washouts included Barlow Two Taverns, Basehoar, and Roth, and “Low Dutch Road was impassable,” Gormont said.

The earth was displaced below the guide rails and the gabion baskets in those areas were “left hanging in the breeze.” A gabion basket is a cage filled with earth or rocks and used especially in building a support or abutment, according to Merriam Webster.

On Sunday “from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. the storm washed the roads away,” Gormont said.

The deluge continued to dislodge stones, washing them away, while debris cluttered the roads, and the gabion baskets eroded and “shifted from the water flow.”

Township Roadmaster Brad Shank said it was flooding such as he had “never seen before.” He estimated about 265 tons of stone would be needed just to repair the damages done on July 5.

Repairs were finished this week, Gormont said.

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