While motorists may just see parking meters, the Gettysburg Borough Council sees new benches, a gas furnace, tree removal, and more.

The Gettysburg Borough Council approved the spending of excess funds from its 2018 budget surplus during its meeting Monday night.

After discussing its plans for the surplus during a workshop on May 28, the council decided to divide the $135,715 surplus among multiple projects.

The surplus resulted primarily from increased parking revenue, Borough Manager Charles Gable said last month.

Before the 5-0 vote, Council President Susan Naugle said, “We’re able to do this because we have sufficient fund balance to meet our needs.”

Council members Jacob Schindel and John Lawver were absent.

Approved were: $8,000 for renovation of the borough’s underground fuel tank; $5,500 for six steel park benches with center armrests; and $4,900 for removal of trees at the Racehorse Alley parking garage.

Council member Charles Strauss asked if new trees would be planted. Officials cited liability issues. Borough engineer Chad Clabaugh said utilities are underneath the area where the trees were, making “not the best place for trees.”

The trees were diseased and have already been removed, Finance Director Nicolette James said.

Spending also includes $22,755 for computer-related updates and switching to offsite data storage.

Another $15,000 will go toward the Borough of Gettysburg’s sponsorship of the 120th annual Pennsylvania Municipal League Summit here in October.

The sponsorship will cost $50,000 but fundraising has already netted $43,200 in sponsorship, including the borough’s contribution, Gable said. Any unneeded portion of the $15,000 will go into the debt service fund, the council decided.

The biggest expenditure is $43,000 for a gas furnace in the municipal building. James said it will pay for itself in less than two years through energy savings.

Any unused portions of the estimate expenditures above and an additional $28,945 are to be set aside for future payment of debt. The remaining $7,615 is to remain in the general fund reserves.

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