Dogs of Gettysburg

Dogs of Gettysburg Pet and Gift Emporium opened April 1 in Gettysburg. (John Armstrong/Gettysburg Times)

Two pet owners have brought their original lines of pet beds, clothing and more to Old Gettysburg Village.

Dogs of Gettysburg Pet and Gift Emporium opened April 1 at 777 Baltimore Street, Suite 102, and owners Stephanie Honodel and Diana Guy already have plenty of experience designing unique items for pets and pet owners. Honodel, who lives in Waynesboro, creates and sells clothing for cats and dogs through her own line, Puppy Wear. Dogs of Gettysburg features a variety of her designs, including Civil War-era attire for dogs.

Honodel said she made her first canine Civil War uniform for Chester, a miniature pinscher whose owners were re-enactors. They wanted their dog to have a coordinating period outfit, and the concept grew from there. Dogs of Gettysburg features both Union and Confederate uniforms for dogs, as well as period bonnets.

Guy lives in Myersville, Md., and is the creator of Pet-O-Bed, a line of solid foam pet beds with customizable, removable covers and a built-in contour for dogs to nestle into. Guy also owns Pet Ink, a line of breed-specific collars and leashes. Both are featured at the shop.

In addition to the owners' unique items, Dogs of Gettysburg offers toys, treats, Gettysburg souvenir items, books, and other pet-related gifts.

Before opening the Gettysburg shop, Honodel and Guy sold their items online and at pet expos. Honodel said their customers have followed them from their hometowns, and the shop has seen a mix of local shoppers and tourists over the past few months.

"We just believe in having a really good product for the money," Honodel said.

The pair's ideas for their products and their new Gettysburg store stemmed from their love of their own pets: Guy owns a Golden Retriever and two Dachshunds, and Honodel owns seven dogs of various breeds and four cats.

"We have a lot of experience," Honodel said.

The shop also features a variety of items for cats, including clothing, collars, toys and treats.

Dogs of Gettysburg is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed Tuesdays) and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Information is also available online at or on the shop's Facebook page.

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