Kitchen fire doused

Firefighters were on the scene of a residential kitchen blaze for approximately an hour Friday afternoon, according to a post on the Arendtsville Community Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook page.

The fire took place in the 400 block of Winding Brook Road and was “under control quickly after arrival,” according to the post.

Authorities were dispatched shortly before 1 p.m. The location is near Beecherstown Road about a half-mile southwest of Biglerville.

76 arrested on warrants

The Adams County Sheriff’s Warrant Unit made 76 arrests on 104 warrants between March 6 and April 9, according to a news release.

Included were 61 Adams County Court of Common Pleas bench warrants, five probation violation bench warrants, three out-of-county bench warrants, eight domestic relations warrants, 23 magisterial district summary warrants, and four magisterial district criminal warrants.

The release lists individuals and numbers and types of warrants:

Anna Marie Leoni, 41, of Glenville, two magisterial criminal, two magisterial summary, probation violation, common pleas

Luke Edward Powell, 19, of Edgewood, Md, common pleas

John Bynaker, 42, of Martinsburg, W.Va., common pleas

Anthony Neil Spafford, 29, of Lancaster, common pleas

Michael Axel Spalding, 28, of Littlestown, magisterial summary

Katie Elizabeth Bond, 32, of Hanover, common pleas

Kody Lee Wagner, 23, of Abbottstown, four magisterial summary

Samuel Edward Riley, 25, of Hanover, common pleas

Caleb Allen Mummert, 28, of Littlestown, common pleas

Caitlin Amanda Helman, 31 of York Springs, common pleas

Justin David Kuhn, 29, of Hanover, probation violation

Charles Alec Layton Jr., 41, of Littlestown, common pleas, out-of-county

Zachary Ryan Rosenberry, 25, of York, common pleas

Linya Denise Enwerem, 61, of Shippensburg, common pleas

Hailey Renee Bivens, 24, of Fort Loudon, common pleas

Jarrod Lee Klein, 53, of East Berlin, common pleas

Mitchell Ryan Johnson, 33, of Fairfield, magisterial criminal

Patrick Wayne Grace II, 32, of Dover, domestic relations

Leah Marie King, 23, of Gettysburg, two probation violation

Jarmal Leonard Brown, 29, of Orrtanna, common pleas

Amanda Jane Hess, 40, of New Oxford, 10 magisterial summary

Justin Thomas Parke, 33, of Taneytown, Md., probation violation

Brian Donnell Cherry, 38, of Waynesboro, common pleas

Joshua Lee Strausbaugh, 29, of Gardners, two common pleas

Justin Lee Blankenship, 36, of Hanover, common pleas, domestic relations

Cody Ryan Fairall, 24, of Waynesboro, common pleas

Anna Maritza Sanchez, 30, of York Haven, common pleas

Nicholas Aslan Richie, 26, of Hummelstown, common pleas

William Henry Shelley II, 44 of Thomasville, common pleas, magisterial criminal

Donald Mark Koontz Jr., 48 of Littlestown, domestic relations

Nathan Ali Small, 24, of Hanover, common pleas

Michael Denzel Small, 26, of Hanover, common pleas

Ashley Marie Moorhead, 27, of East Berlin, common pleas, out-of-county, magisterial summary

Arturo Angeles, 28, of Gardners, domestic relations

Amber Lynn Boyer, 33, of New Oxford, common pleas

Robert Curtis Hancock, 40, of Fayetteville, out-of-county, common pleas

Johnnie Lewis Brown, 43, of Chambersburg, common pleas

Lacy Jo Varner, 37, of Chambersburg, common pleas

Charles Grover Heitmuller Sr., 44, of Frederick, Md., common pleas, domestic relations

Jeremy Earl Lewis, 34, of Gettysburg, common pleas

Wesley Bashaba Lee, 29, of Gettysburg, two magisterial summary

Samantha Marie Hull, 25, of Hanover, two common pleas

Keri Nicole Chance, 22, of East Berlin, common pleas, two magisterial summary

John Jakomas Franco, 46, of Biglerville, common pleas

Khalil Varner, 41 of Hanover, common pleas

William Joseph Pasche, 31 of Biglerville, common plea

Jacob Dylan Storm, 28 of Glen Rock, common pleas

Charles William Wagaman Jr., 50 of Hanover, common pleas

Joshua James Pollins, 29 of York, common pleas

Michael Scott Peters, 31 of New Oxford, domestic relations

Kevin Lee Kendall, 55, of Mercersburg, common pleas

Griffin Andrew Mundis, 20, of Williamsport, common pleas

Dawson Charles Ford, 19, of Westminster Md., common pleas

Travis Eugene Knott, 44, of Gettysburg, common pleas

Keith Alan Strine, 26, of Gettysburg, common pleas

Michael Anthony Gebhart Jr., 33, of Gettysburg, common pleas

Richard Earl Grothe, 48 of Hanover, domestic relations

Leah Marie Ling, 23, of Gettysburg, common pleas

A. Christopher Stiefel, 70, of Freedom, common pleas

Amber Lynn Ward, 38, of Carlisle, common pleas

Anthony Neil Spafford, 29, of New Oxford, domestic relations

Nicholas Tyler Woods, 29, of Carlisle, common pleas

Thomas Ray Cox, 30, of New Oxford, common pleas

Gabriel Buckman-Brookshire, 20, of Woodsboro Md., common pleas

James Oliver Newton, 64, of Sharon, common pleas

James Varady Sr., 60, of Hershey, common pleas

Krystle Marie Lynch, 32, of New Oxford, common pleas

Amanda Lynn Sneeringer, 31, of Hanover, common pleas

Nathan Ali Small, 24, of Hanover, magisterial

Michael Chadwick Wright, 30, of East Berlin, common pleas

James Franklin Mays, 57 of Lancaster, common pleas

Sara Cecelia Tokar, of Cashtown, common pleas

Bruce Edward Settle, 35, of Carlisle, common pleas

Penelope Lynn Ruby, 47, of Fairfield, common pleas

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