They say life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. In an environment where the only constant is change, businesses must learn to compete differently and be flexible enough to keep up with many new challenges today including; new technology, e-commerce, changes in consumer buying behaviors, and the flux of legislation and governmental regulations.

The Chamber of Gettysburg and Adams County is the primary resource for networking, information and education for Adams County businesses. Being well positioned as the connection between the success of the business community and our region, we accomplish this with a continued focus on our core principles comprised of; focusing on our members, being the voice of business, telling our story through effective communication channels, business and entrepreneurial development, and workforce leadership.

Our strategic plan of 2018 brought about new opportunities for growth and development, including a rebrand as The Chamber of Gettysburg and Adams County. Additional highlights of the year include:

• Governmental affairs committee continues to bring state and federal legislators to Adams County for the direct connection to members

• Developing legislative priorities to the benefit of the local business community

• Launched a new brand to better reflect the diversity of our membership, while reflecting on the importance of our history

• Continued program enhancement including our 2nd Annual AC BizCon bringing professionals together for growth and development

• Continuing to be aware and be flexible of the ever changings needs of our community and create opportunities for growth and development

• Balancing programming that meets the needs of a diverse membership

2020 Brings New and Exciting Growth Opportunities for The Chamber

Upon evaluating last year’s initiatives and successes, the Chamber is excited to continue to provide valuable services to local Adams County businesses aiding in their development and growth, as well as the overall health of our beloved community. With continued drive towards improvement in all areas of our core principles, there are specific developmental opportunities that we will be addressing within each of our pillars.

Focusing on Our Members and Our Community

• Continually explore and provide value-added benefits for members and provide informational, educational, and networking programs to strengthen business connections and the Adams County economy.

Voice of Business

• Continue to serve in an advocacy role for navigating local, state, and federal legislative issues of importance, through collaboration with governmental officials making it easier to create a more streamlined process for operating a business in Adams County

• Continue to support legislation that enhances fair business practices


• Highlight the accomplishments of The Chamber, area businesses, and the Adams County region

• Develop a new website that serves to enhance the online presence of the Chamber and aid as a vehicle for information and community engagement

• Develop and nurture relationships with area media in order to establish The Chamber as a business industry expert, and go-to for interviews and information

• Continue to provide meaningful information for the growth and development to the Adams County community to engage in the support of local events

Workforce and Leadership Development

• Continue to nurture partnerships and align with other organizations such as the Adams County Economic Education Foundation (ACEEF), to support and foster a healthy workforce and develop future leaders

• Continue collaborative youth incentive programs with the ACEEF to reward and inspire achievement in the next generation through the Senior Self Improvement awards. This monetary reward is given to up to five high school students from each of Adams County’s six public school districts, and recognizes students who have shown significant improvement in the following areas; grades, attitudes, attendance, behavior and service to others.

• In conjunction with the ACEEF, we will continue to enhance the annual Adams County Career Fair. This fair brings in more than 1,000 high school students from the six Adams County public school districts, to learn about nearly 60 different careers from industry experts and explore pertinent information such as educational requirements, job duties, salary, and job expectations.

• The Adams County Economic Education Foundation is 501(C)3 organization that welcomes support of any kind, if interested in supporting the Foundation please contact The Chamber.

Coming into the second quarter of 2020 The Chamber is excited to continue to serve both the business and Adams County community through innovative program development, advocacy, and information. We understand that the environment is always changing and strive to focus our efforts as well as be flexible to the needs of our community. If you are interested in supporting The Chamber in the growth and development of Adams County contact us today, and consider joining our growing network. If you are interested in more information about our progress and initiatives be sure to visit our website at, and follow social media.

Carrie Stuart is the president of the Chamber of Gettysburg and Adams County.

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