Worried by Trump

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

“Mr. Trump is trying with his intelligence, and with all his heart to help make America a better place for us to call home,” Lilly Keller wrote, in her recent letter to the Times.

Trying with his intelligence and all his heart? Well, that explains everything! No wonder we’re in such a mess.

Trump may well be trying with his intelligence: who knows? While it’s hard to tell where his ignorance leaves off and his limited intelligence kicks in, it’s impossible to ignore that he speaks and writes like someone who got stuck forever in second grade, struggling with the teleprompter as if barely managing a Dick and Jane book. And anyone dumb enough to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal—which was working—and by his actions threaten to lead us into World War III may be trying with the wrong equipment.

As for “all his heart,” if that’s the organ that prompted the unspeakable conditions we’ve forced on immigrant children, then we’re in real trouble.

Susan Bryant,


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James Rife

And what "mess" are we in again? The economy is booming, the overseas wars are slowly winding down, and most people are working. Seems to me that the country is doing pretty good right now, all things considered, with the exception of Congress' refusal to do anything about illegal immigration.

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