President needs a change

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I’m very perplexed about what makes Trump’s die hard supporters hang on to their devoted loyalty. There’s been a whole cottage industry of pundits attempting to crack this anomaly. It’s certainly can’t be because Trump’s a stable genius, a strategic tactician or the most productive president in the history of the United States (unless of course one believes all the fantasy on Fox News). No, I’m beginning to think it’s a psychological thing—like more of an “embarrassed sympathy” for him. Not unlike the love we have for our sweet little toddlers; they love Trump for his childlike immaturity. No doubt they have to be a bit mortified by his ongoing baby-tantrums dished out verbally or in tweets. Nevertheless, like protective parents, they’ll ardently support their little spoiled child no matter what. At his rallies when he bawls like a wounded infant about how he’s being mistreated by the mean press, the Dems or anyone else who doesn’t love him, they cheer him on like a mommy putting a bandaid on his sore boo boo—ahh! Sorry guys, for the rest of us watching this sad, nauseating spectacle it’s really getting embarrassing. It’s time you realized that you’re raising a spoiled little brat. While it’s honorable to love your kid, you need to realize that he’s driving the rest of us crazy and severely messing up his playpen (our government). And, while I know you must enjoy us liberal snowflakes being grossed out over your disgusting child, just remember it’s not only us, the rest of the world is watching this infantile freak show as well. Even more importantly, I trust you Trump supporters must believe in the strength and importance of our wonderful America. Therefore I wonder if you’ve given any thought about it’s future after the havoc your enfant terrible has wrought upon our beloved nation. Don’t you think it’s about time to change his diaper and send him back to his golden sand box in New York?

Frederick Fisher,


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James Rife

Yeah, diatribes and name calling in bitter pieces like this really go a long way in cementing support for Trump even further. Nice job!

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