Disgusted in Liberty

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I’m so disgusted with the management of Liberty Township and the blatant disregard of rules the supervisors make and break on a regular basis I can barely bring myself to go to our township meetings any longer.

We now have a police chief that was related to a part time police officer at the time they accepted her application contrary to the very rules they made that no employees could be related. Their fix? Accept the husband’s resignation prior to her swearing in. My question is why was the application even considered based on their very rules?

Now it appears that Supervisor Bostek is giving the new chief paid vacation prior to the voted on and recorded probationary period rules. Bostek’s explanation? This is how we’ve always done it. Seriously?

Why are we paying an attorney to advise them when they want to continue to do what they want as they see fit? They care not what the township residents want. Make no mistake, they do not represent our best interest. They have not for quite some time!

We still have no justice on the theft of over $300,000 of tax payer monies. District Attorney Brian Sinnett refused to file criminal charges for what reason we will never understand. What we do have is Supervisor Jackson appearing to continue his rabid deflection or outright obstruction of the pursuit of justice in his vote last month to not send a letter requesting DA Brian Sinnett to pass this case to the Attorney General’s Office as requested by Supervisors Bostek and Barlow.

I don’t know about anyone else but I can tell you categorically that having every complaint made about them fall on deaf ears is frustrating, aggravating and sucks the desire to help out of you. Being told to vote them out is no answer! There needs to be an oversight of some kind to keep these small dictatorships’ from taking hold and keeping a township hostage!

Still waiting for common sense and justice to take place in Liberty Township!

Cindy Arentz,


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