Time to take a stand

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Trump’s border debacle is smothered in Republican DNA. The entire crisis reeks of Republicans. Anyone who says differently is either a fool or a liar. Liberals are much more surgical in their methods when eviscerating their opponents. Conservatives use cleavers: they’re butchers and sadomasochists inflicting as much pain as possible. A striking contrast between liberals and conservatives is that liberals have opinions while conservatives have convictions. The latter’s worth dying and killing for.

Further, conservatism is by definition reactionary. But, yet, it’s their convictions that make them much more dangerous to truth than lies. Presently, the degree of meanness and hatefulness against immigrants is clearly the hallmark of Republicans. With all issues, Republicans aim for the jugular with coldness and callousness. Their main focus is on dehumanizing people. It’s the obvious trademark seen in Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, not in Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama. If it were about spending money to resolve the crisis, Democrats would go gun-ho; it’s what liberals enjoy doing. Wasting money!

Each president inherits policies from his predecessor. Trump inherited Obama’s immigration policies; he didn’t inherit a humanitarian crisis. Trump and his Republican party not only created the humanitarian crisis, but also have gone out of their way to make it worse. Now that Trump has made the United States morally illegitimate, Republicans blame Democrats. It’s what Republicans do: Break it then blame Democrats!

Washington Republicans are terrorizing and inflicting pain on millions of immigrants living in our country. They’ve advanced Trump’s policies on family separations and deportations by placing babies and children in cages, creating inhumane conditions without adult supervision: Babies are found covered with feces, and children are forced to sleep shoulder to shoulder on concrete floors while toilets overflow onto them. Children are going weeks without bathing and having clean cloths, and are forced to eat uncooked frozen food.

Washington and corporate media are left with hurt feelings now because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the audacity to reference “the camps” as concentration camps. She’s been lampooned in the press because Americans aren’t yet ready to hear the ugly truth. How much more violence against immigrants should we stomach before we officially call the camps “concentration camps”? How much more brutality against immigrants will the American people tolerate before speaking out and taking a stand against Trump and his Republican party? Where’s the tipping point? When is enough is enough?

Tim Miller,


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James Rife

What a strange, stupid diatribe.

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