President deserves respect

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I agree 100% with every word, Michael Reagan (Ronald Reagan’s son) wrote in the article, “Politics spoiled the fun of America’s Soccer Cup Win.”

This column was in Gettysburg Times paper on July 16, Page A4. It was an excellent written recap of the past few weeks, that the World Cup Women’s Soccer Games were played in France.

One of the players representing our U.S.A. team was Megan Rapinoe. When Rapinoe wasn’t on the soccer field, she could be seen in front of a television microphone, or talking to news reporters.

The sad thing is, she wasn’t speaking for her soccer team, when she was spewing politics, talking about her sexual preferences and our president.

1)She is not a politician.

2) We Americans do not care what her sexual preference is.

3) We don’t care that she personally doesn’t like President Trump. Rapinoe disrespected our great country in front of the whole world, when she was the only player not pledging to our flag, ranting politics and rude remarks to our president. President Trump should be shown respect, simply because he is our president.

I don’t agree with everything presidents do, but, I agree that Mr Trump is trying with his intelligence, and with all his heart to help make America a better place for us to call home..

The USA Soccer Team should have Rapinoe fired. She does not represent our country well, while on our payroll, and she chooses to embarrass her team and our Wonderful USA.

Thank you Mr. Reagan for the well written article. Thank you Gettysburg Times for printing it.

Lilly Keller,

York Springs

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