Ignoring legalities

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Mr. Siderio is greatly mistaken. There are, indeed, “Golden Doors” along our borders and at our seaports and airports. They are called Ports of Entry, yet the Mexican Government and the Mexican cartels insist daily on pushing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of Central Americans across the border illegally. If a person’s first act in the United States is violating its border, customs, and immigration laws, then they have no right, and no standing to remain in this country. Further, severe penalties need to be brought to bear on the Mexican Government to pressure them into action.

Additionally, I’d like to remind Mr. Siderio that his party controls the purse-strings in congress. Thus, if CBP and ICE are not able to house the illegal population safely, the blame rests on the Democrats for not providing the funds to deal with what the Mexican Cartels and Mexican Government are not doing to solve the border crisis. Instead, Democrats insist there is no “border crisis” while constantly decrying the treatment of the illegals by CBP and ICE. That is one of the purest examples of moral hypocrisy ever seen.

Mr. Siderio has a warped sense of history. He states that his ancestors had no money, didn’t speak English, no jobs and no homes, yet they were admitted — legally admitted because they registered for legal admittance through a port of entry [Ellis Island in New York Harbor]. The Central American refugees don’t bother with the legalities and the Democrats don’t bother with the legalities either, simply because they see the illegals as voters. There, Mr. Siderio, there is your inhumane policy.

Build the Wall!

William G. Davis,


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