Bans are successful

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I beg to differ with Bruce Wesbury (“Plastic Bag Bans Don’t Work,” June 12). Banning plastic bags does work—and has been working for some time—in a number of African, Asian, and European countries. The US has been lagging behind, but several states have now joined them, as will Canada.

To the best of my knowledge, there has been no suffering, financial or otherwise, as a result. On the contrary.

“I don’t buy into the hype that plastic particles are floating around waiting to cause us harm,” Mr. Wesbury wrote. A visit to the Web would show him that plastics have indeed been floating around, but have not been waiting to cause harm. He will see why those of us concerned about a future for our planet, for our children and grandchildren, are happy to bag the bags.

Susan Bryant,


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