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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

The Gettysburg Times does a great job covering local news and sports. I enjoy and appreciate the detail and depth of the Times’ local coverage. I understand why the Times does not generally include national and international news given the many other media outlets that have vast resources for such coverage. However, I am puzzled and somewhat annoyed that the Times includes random news reports from other states that is simply not newsworthy in Adams County instead of including more news from Pennsylvania.

For example, in the June 4 Times edition page two includes a piece about the status of North Dakota farmers’ crops for the prior week. Another piece on page eight reports on medical marijuana sales in Arkansas for May. There is nothing controversial about the subjects covered in these articles. they are actually quite mundane and would seem to be of no interest to anyone but people in North Dakota and Arkansas. I find these types of out of state pieces regularly included in the Times.

Can it be that there is no news about Pennsylvania politics or Pennsylvania generally that could be included instead of these out of state news reports with little or no relevance to Adams Countians? Even news from northern Maryland would generally be more relevant.

Jay Kalasnik,

New Oxford

Editor’s note: Jay, thanks so much for your letter, kind words and opportunity to explain about the newspaper production process. We first put our local news in, front and center. If there is extra space, we turn to syndicates. Pennsylvania news is always our first choice. Unfortunately, the Associated Press has significantly reduced the amount of reporters who cover our state so the selection is thin. I recently added another syndicate, The Center Square, which offers some Pennsylvania news. — Alex J. Hayes, managing editor

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