Trump’s narcissim

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I recently read that Senator Lindsey Graham said the president was not a racist but only a narcissist. Graham has morphed from a critic of Trump to a supporter; so I reasoned that he should know. So I looked up on Google what a narcissist is and found some shocking information. First, it’s listed as a mental health disorder. It’s called Narcissistic Personality Disorder . (NPD).

Second, a narcissist is often in a rage and expects praise even when his actions don’t warrant it. Thirdly, a narcissist often belittles people so that his grandiose feelings of himself are propped up hiding his real feelings of inadequacy. There’s more but I think the above describes this personality disorder.

You the reader can decide whether you want a president who has a verifiable mental disorder. Putting aside domestic squabbles, I for one worry that a president with NPD is dangerous in dealing with international issues of nuclear war. My thanks to Senator Graham for bringing this life and death issue to our attention.

Edward J. Thompson,


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