Pray for our nation

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I have an enjoyed all week watching the special programs and services surrounding D-Day. At times it brought tears to my eyes as I hear these veterans interviewed. They made great sacrifices not only so Americans could be free but the whole world from the tyranny of Hitler and his ilk.

The soldiers that fought in WWII understood respect and had a moral foundation. What has happened to our nation between 1945 and 2019? Where did we go off track?

In the last few weeks the Times has received letters that showed an utter lack of respect for those in authority, especially our president. Another letter showed a total dislike for the Worth Project, which is teaching children abstinence and some values. Why is this important? Let’s look at some interesting facts.

Ed Vitagliano, an editor for the AFA Journal writes in a June 2011 issue about two secular anthropologists that studied many ancient cultures and societies, analyzing the cultural beliefs and practices especially as related to sex and marriage. These men were J.D. Unwin in 1934 and Pitirim A. Sorokin (he founded the sociology department at Harvard) in 1956.

Their observation was strong cultures that upheld monogamy in marriage and resisted a loosening of mores regarding sex outside it did not decline as a society until they ignored the moral standards and developed a growing love of pleasure and self-indulgence.

Abstinence avoids a whole host of sexual diseases that can completely be avoided by waiting for marriage to have sex and being faithful to your spouse. I know from experience it works.

America has all the signs of decay from within, just like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians,etc.

Do you know we have killed 60 million babies in the womb since 1973? That is 10 times the amount of Jews gassed in Hitler’s ovens which of itself was a holocaust and 50 times the number of Americans killed in war going back to the American Revolution.

How do we get back on track? These sociologists recommend the culture holding to their moral traditions, which in our case is Judeo-Christian.

Pray for our nation. I pray daily for those in authority – township supervisors, county commissioners, governor/state legislature and our president and congress. Let us get our nation back on track to the values and moral standards that made us great.

E. Mark Punchard Sr.,


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