Republicans avoid reality

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

William Davis’ letter defined that which is irrational. These right wingnuts get crazier, and I should add, uglier by the day. They define what an Ugly American is: loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless, ignorant, ethnocentric and Republican. Also, American infantilism: those Republicans who exhibit marked immaturity or stupidity, as in behavior or character.

It’s the infantilism we see with Trump when he’s throwing temper tantrums in the White House; Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, in the Senate, where their trying to be the Donald’s ‘little’ chihuahuas; and Republican party members acting like thugs at Trump rallies. We’ll see it next year: Ugly and infantile Republicans wearing red caps and t-shirts.

Republicans might be surprised to know that our immigration woes are our own making; they’re the result of four decades of neo-liberal economic policies and our “War on Drugs.” There’s the lunacy of spending billions on a wall, instead of creating humane and enforceable immigration policies; and developing drug programs that address our opioid crisis. We shouldn’t forget that it’s Americans who have the appetite, time and money for recreational drug use. It’s the result of raising our kids with a false sense of entitlement believing they can have it all. We see it in Trump!

Republicans haven’t faced reality: The Donald has no clothes. He hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises to “make America great again” and, that Mexico will pay for his wall. Who will Republican blame for their impotence in 2020? As always, Democrats! Sidero gave us a rational solution: Vote the creep out of office!

Republicans are finding it difficult realizing that their party isn’t the party of family and pro-life values (if it ever was) since supporting polices that tear families apart, throw infants and babies in cages; and create a culture of xenophobia. It has to be difficult squaring their Christian values, on love of neighbor, and “when I was a stranger, you took me in,” to their newfound “Ugly American” Trumpian party politics.

Government is forever reminding us that we are a nation of laws. However, it’s been our government, since Bill Clinton, who’s in violation of immigration laws, and immigrant rights. Americans might be surprised, but most immigrants are entering our southern borders legally. We wouldn’t know though because for Republicans the truth is what they make of it. In this Age of Trumpism, emigrating to America, in and of itself, constitutes a crime.

Tim Miller,


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