Nation can do better

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly pledged that, if elected, he would eliminate the entire national debt in eight years. He has been president for more than 900 days, and it is fair to assess Trump’s progress on his important pledge to Americans.

Rather than reducing the national debt, Trump has increased it by more than 2,400 billion dollars so far. Moreover, the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office forecasts that the Trump tax and economic policies will increase the national debt by more than 1,000 billion dollars each year over the foreseeable future. Recently, the Treasury Department disclosed that the debt has grown almost 40% faster in 2019 than in 2018, thereby requiring a near-emergency increase in the national debt limit.

In my judgment, Trump and his supporters were highly dishonest in calling their tax plan a ‘tax cut.’ The only responsible way to cut taxes is to cut expenditures. Rather than cutting expenditures, Trump and his supporters actually increased expenditures. Their tax law is not a tax cut, but rather, it is a tax shift. They reduced today’s taxes — primarily on the wealthiest people — and shifted that amount onto our children and grandchildren in the form of national debt. I believe that our children and grand children will deeply, deeply regret Trump tax policies, policies that are saddling them with stifling debt.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better. Our nation can do better.

Tom Laser,


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