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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Those of us concerned about the plight of migrants at the US-Mexico border can now do something tangible by helping fund MCC detainee kits through the Fairfield Mennonite Church and MCC.

MCC is the national Mennonite relief organization and has advocates helping detainees at our southern border. The kits, costing approximately $60 each, contain clothing, toiletries and other basic items for men, women, and children who, after being detained in Texas, are released by the US Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

These kits include a T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, underwear, pen, notebook, washcloth, towel, toothbrush, bath wipes, a razor, body lotion, comb, deodorant, etc. Additional items such as diapers, pull-ups and toys are included for children.

“Churches at the border are overwhelmed by the number of migrants coming to them for help,” Ms. Hinojosa, the MCC rep there reports. “They don’t have the resources to meet the needs. Providing funds is a concrete way people all over the country can help these churches respond.”

To financially support this and other forms of advocacy in South Texas, checks can be made out to MCC or the Fairfield Mennonite Church. 201 W Main St, Fairfield, Pa. 17320 with “Rio Grande Valley Response” in the memo line, or one can go online to

Joyce Shutt,

Fairfield Mennonite Church

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James Rife

Yeah, illegal aliens. Nope! They can end their "plight" by returning to their home countries.

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