Knowledge is important

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I purchase your paper daily to keep up on obituaries and upcoming meetings. While this information is helpful, reading other articles has provided little edification.

Some columns have been greatly amusing and highly entertaining, as I read the babble of those who are late to the table. Knowing the history of this transportation issue might be helpful for them. Much can be learned by reading and studying the issue’s past history going back to the late 1950s to early 1960s and following it through until today.

Why did the NPS buy the farm north of town?

Why was the Eisenhower by-pass never built?

What strongly-supported programs over the years have created major hurdles?

Now for a few issues raised in these articles. It would be quite interesting to know what percent of residents really understand what “102” fully means and why and how they have become the U.S. standard. If you want to deny “102’s,” are you aware that would eliminate all modern tour buses too?

Based on my observations, there is a question: how many licensed drivers are knowledgeable as to why traffic lanes have white bars painted across them as you approach stop signs and traffic lights?

Seeing vehicles stopped one or more car lengths past these bars, it is easy to understand why buses and trucks might have difficulty completing a turn. Maybe these bars should be painted farther back from the corner.

Recent business owners who are concerned about traffic noise should maybe have done a little more due diligence prior to purchasing an establishment of these businesses.

Commenters should do a little more research and they might find that tens of thousands of additional dollars were added to studies done int he 1990s. Seismographic equipment was used in various structures that demonstrated insufficient vibrations to cause structural damages.

I could describe many more details and facts but let’s take a break. Remember some federal transportation regulations have what is called an 85th percentile. Maybe you can find out how this impacted the study done on this issue.

C.A. Strayer,

Straban Township

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