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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

I’m writing today as a reaction to Tim Miller’s Opinion piece — June 25, 2019 edition of your paper. I feel compelled to respond to some of his comments:

1) “Anyone who says differently is either a fool or a liar.” This comment related to the border crisis. No new laws have been passed in relation to immigration, so the current administration is following the same laws as the previous couple of administrations. What has changed is the number of people illegally crossing the border, hence the designation of a crisis. Disagreeing with Mr. Miller’s perception of what must be done, doesn’t make conservatives fools or liars.

2) “With all issues, Republicans aim for the jugular with coldness and callousness. Their main focus is on dehumanizing people.” Let me mention some historical facts that were very dehumanizing to large segments of our society. At the start of the Civil War all 4 million slaves were owned by Democrats. Once the war freed those enslaved, Southern Democrats invented the KKK and passed Jim Crow laws to perpetuate the dehumanization. The “Trail of Tears” against the American Indians was ordered by President Jackson, the father of the modern Democratic party. Japanese internment during WWII was ordered by President Roosevelt another prominent Democrat. The current support of Antifa by Democrats again shows their true colors. Antifa is a mask-wearing, terrorist organization focused on hurting and silencing voices with which they disagree. This is similar to Mr. Miller’s characterization of conservatives.

3) “Washington Republicans are terrorizing and inflicting pain on millions of immigrants living in our country.” Illegal immigration has many negative impacts to American citizens. Studies have estimated $110 billion yearly cost to taxpayers for services like education, housing and healthcare. The USA is one of the most diverse countries in the world, mainly because of our generous immigration programs and laws. The government has a duty to its citizens to enforce our immigration laws. When the number of people illegally crossing the border exceeds 100,000 per month, as in recent months, the existing infrastructure becomes overburdened.

Every American has a choice to support the dedicated officers of our Law Enforcement Agencies or to not. Mr. Miller would view them as “terrorists,” I choose to view them as “heroes” who are risking their lives daily to make our country a safer place.

Jerry Barnes,


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James Rife


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