Joyce unresponsive

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

On June 3, the US House of Representatives passed a $19 billion disaster aid bill to help the fire and flood ravaged areas of Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico and others. Our new Congressman John Joyce voted against the bill.

On June 5, I called Congressman Joyce’s Washington office to ask why he voted against something that seems so to be such a basic role of the Federal government.

The gentleman who answered the phone that day told me he didn’t know why Congressman Joyce voted against the bill. He put me on hold to try to find out, came back on the phone and still didn’t know. He took my name and phone number and told me someone would get back to me.

Over three weeks have now gone by and there has been no response. Congressman Joyce’s staff should be able to quickly and concisely respond to constituents when he votes on any issue and his office should respond in a timely manner when there is a need for further research.

Responding to constituents is an important part of a Congressman’s job. Our Congressman needs to do better.

Steve Niebler,

Cumberland Township

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