Sign issue resolved

Editor Gettysburg Times.

Gettysburg Times Publisher Harry Hartman’s Opinion in Tuesday’s newspaper paper in reference to the Gettysburg Fire Department Carnival sign in Straban Township was greatly appreciated in that it emphasized what the Gettysburg Fire Department and all volunteer fire departments are about.

Thank you, Harry, for the Kudos. We appreciate it and we do realize that the community really does care and support us in many ways. That does include our municipalities and the supervisors and employees. Unfortunately, a click in the system momentarily cast doubts on some of that support. Regarding the sign issue on Route 30, located on the C&R Auto dealer’s property next to McDonald’s restaurant, it was resolved by a discussion and agreeable solution.

Unfortunately, the issue had to come to the media.

I have to say that the Straban Twp supervisors and code officer came up with a solution for the situation and allowed and authorized the fire department to return the carnival sign to its original location advertising the annual carnival happening this week at the Gettysburg Rec park. We also have a solution to continue in the future. For that, I have to thank the officials at Straban Township for stepping up to the cause and showing that they really do get it.

We, as the fire department, work every day, month and year with all of our local officials to provide the protection to our community. I must say to them all that they always are supportive and willing to listen and hear our needs. They may not always agree entirely but there is much compromise and passion to do what they can, given their positions of responsibility to their local residents .

This situation is an example of when communication and cooperation came together for the good of our community.

Thank you Harry and to all of our supporters who voiced concerns and helped make government work for everyone. Now lets get on to a successful 2019 Carnival, have a good time and help us raise some money.

Erik Bergdale,

Gettysburg Fire Department Carnival Chairman, 2019

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James Rife

So what was the solution?

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