Against severance tax

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

For decades we have seen state leaders fight to revive Pennsylvania’s leadership in manufacturing. It has been hard road but you can see the fruits of this work in our area where business and industry is robust and unemployment is very low.

Unfortunately, Governor Wolf is once again pushing a plan that would stymie this hard-fought growth. While the natural gas industry already has an impact fee on the production of natural gas, the governor wants to enact another tax over and above this one for his own personal pet projects. He is calling his initiative RestorePA and while his pitch is a great one, promising infrastructure and revitalization, what he isn’t saying is that it will drive the industry to do business in other states costing working families jobs.

At a time when Pennsylvania is finally being seen as a leader in manufacturing with high paying jobs to communities, it is both puzzling and concerning the governor feels that a severance tax is appropriate. Pennsylvania families cannot afford to take a giant step backward. Tell our legislators to fight the governor’s renewed call for another severance tax.

Trevor Taylor,


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