Don’t rezone Reading Twp.

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

Do we need more development in Reading Township, Adams County?

This farmer says no, and many other concerned residents and farmers in the township agree.

What do you think?

Reading Township Board of Supervisors are currently deciding on a proposal to rezone agricultural land owned by Kevin Holtzinger and located north of 234 to residential/commercial land. The Planning Commission recommended only rezoning a portion of the property south of Route 234. The threat, with Holtzinger serving as chair of the Board of Supervisors, is they could override the Planning Commission’s recommendation and move ahead with the proposal. The mission statement hanging in the Township Building and intended to guide decisions made by our elected leaders includes references to preserving our agricultural heritage and open spaces while managing development through responsible planning and zoning. Existing developments within the Township already have 300 new homes able to be built. There is no need to create a new development. As a farmer, I do believe that everyone has the right to do with their own land what they want unless it impacts the people around them. How will this proposed change impact you? Reading Township residents need to get involved and come to upcoming Township meetings to speak out against this proposal because Township Supervisors are not communicating information about when a decision will be made. A petition is currently being circulated throughout the Township in opposition to this proposal. If you are interested in signing the proposal, please email your contact information to, and someone will be in contact with you.

Robby Sebright,

Reading Township

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