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Editor, Gettysburg Times,

In the wake of world tragedy, in the swirl of hate speech and negative media, and in the everyday trudging through overwhelming posts, it’s more than easy to feel trapped. News today seems to be less about information and more about scaring audiences, using eye-catching images and headlines to gather more views. While the Gettysburg Times is a gracious outlier, the media that we inadvertently see can be stressful. During this time, I’m offering some news stories that might restore some soundness and some hope.

Swiss philanthropist and billionaire Hansjorg Wyss has pledged his revenue for the next decade towards land and ocean conservation. His efforts and his platform have already inspired other foundations for conservation, totaling over $450 million in the earliest months of the campaign. This effort could protect more than 30 percent of the entire planet in the next two decades (Cohen, 2019).

The over 180,000 honeybees that made the tippy-top of Notre Dame their home have all been saved from the destructive fire of last month, accounted for by beekeeper Nicolas Geant that had been caring for them since 2013 (Corbley, 2019).

A seven year long drought has come to an end in the great state of California. This brings with it a boom of flora and fauna, including the return of butterfly and wildflower populations, as tweeted out by the official Drought Center Twitter account this March (Corbley, 2019).

St. Jude’s Children hospital has successfully treated and cured 10 infants of “Bubble Boy” disease, an illness that’s classified by an extremely weak or nonexistent immune system. Previously a terminal and chronic disease, this pioneering medicine could lead to treatments and cures in other autoimmune related diseases (Rettner, 2019).

While mainstream media will continue to cycle anxiety inducing articles through viewers daily lives, my hope is that these short snippets of inspiring stories can remind you that for every bad story, there are two good ones.

Campbell Grimes,

East Berlin

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